Current Estate Sales

Tuesday Near Elkhorn…Thursday In Eden Valley (Colfax)

First on Tuesday January 27th from 9am-4pm
we invite you to
Patrick’s home at
4509 Galbrath Drive Sacramento 95842.
This sale will run fair pricing 9am-12noon
Half price 12noon-3pm
Boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm
Donations will be taken from garage at 4pm
This house boasts some brand new furniture including a one month old Lazy Boy couch that Patrick paid over 1,000 for just before he moved to Colorado.There are plenty of tools, movies, books, furniture, games, clothes and guys items.
The house is clean and nice to be inside of.
There are quality items inside and out and we will have great prices from start to finish. We hope to see you there.

Thursday January 29th from 9-4
This seems like a ways away but in general the drive is closer than Grass Valley and barely takes 50 minutes from my front door.
The address for our Thursday sale is
1040 Dog Bar Road Colfax Ca 95713.
What a lovely country drive this will be!
This home is like three of them in one sale and everything about the place is wonderful. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet with Lynn before her passing as she was quite a vivacious woman and not much older than myself. Drum circles, camping parties, healthy cooking, spiritual gatherings, artist studio on the grounds, bed and breakfast hopes and dreams, miraculous prayer circles, meditation groups, healthy friends both physically and spiritually and just in general a worthy person to know. I feel richer for having spent time at her home even after she passed…it is SUCH a lovely place to be.
This property consists of; it’s very own creek, wonderful pastures, hillside’s meandering around the property, hundreds of old growth trees, an art studio, garages and sheds, an RV shelter, a separate apartment…all of which will be for sale just as soon as we empty it out with Casey Spencer.
The realtor will have some cards available at the home so if you or a friend is interested feel free to stop by and take a look in person.

As for our sale Thursday the hours will run fair pricing 9am-12noon
Half price 12noon-3pm
Boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm
Free and donation items will be given at 4pm on the premises
but outside of the house.
Do come early and stay late as we will have our weekly raffles at each sale, hot coffee and fresh Marie’s Donuts waiting for you to enjoy.

The Thursday Eden sale will offer a late model Lynx Prowler Ultra Lite travel trailer, lots of antiques and collectibles, tools, hardware, furniture, electronics, primitives, collectibles, appliances, kitchenware, farm implements, original artwork, clothing, dishes and stemware as well as lots of fun household goods.
Please do bring boxes if you have them to either or both sales but ESPECIALLY to Colfax as we may run low.
Remember to use the Weimar Cross Roads exit and follow that road left all the way to the dead end where you will turn right to Dog Bar Rd. Be VERY careful to either park inside the lot and property if you come early on or park out on the main road. There is no parking allowed on the actual street reaching to the gate or beyond it toward the neighbor’s home. We’d hate to see your vehicle get towed.
There is ample parking down on the main street just before you turn on Dog Bar Road.

This lady was a fine artist as well so you may be able to buy some of her own original art if it suits you.
Thanks to all of you who stopped by our sales last week.
This is shaping up to be quite a busy year for us all and we are glad you have been so eager to shop from us at our weekly sales events.
Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew

Tuesday will be at Galbrath Drive  for Patrick

Check out all this GREAT stuff we invite you to dig through next week in Colfax….

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Interest in the home? Call Casey…