Current Estate Sales

Two Veteran’s Estate Sales

This week you will have
TWO vet’s estate sales

to choose from or if you are so inclined please come join us at BOTH!
We’d love to see you~
First on Tuesday October 25th 9-4 we invite you to the house of Jay Battenfeld located at
8326 Oak Avenue Citrus Heights 95610
Our sale will run Tuesday only 9am-4pm with the usual discount periods.
Jay (John) served in the navy on the Battleship Columbia in the South Pacific.
He had plenty of stories to tell and his house contents will expand on his life- story as he is no longer around to share it with you. Its funny how well you can get to know someone just by what they had collected isn’t it?!
This man was a fun-loving guy for sure and quite colorful.
Jay collected so much in his lifetime and seemingly left every bit of it here at this home.
We will invite you into his sheds, his garage, his garden and also his war-torn household to shop. There will be lots and lots of goodies for those who like to dig and also some easier to find in the smalls area for you folks who like it already displayed and priced.
No questions to ask.
This was a man who loved to tinker; he made things and created comfort in his own way (tractor seats welded into cocktail benches, horseshoes welded into single and double rocking chairs) he went hunting on a regular basis, he was part of the “Creeper” club which shows off and uses their jeeps all over the mountains and above all…he had many lifetime friendships as one can see by the photos.
Expect pocket knives, watches, jewelry, tokens and coins, Bally slot machines, coffee grinders, American Indian collectibles, toys, games, books, music, tools, fishing, building supplies, glass, china, paintings, art, frames, steel and lots of wood that must go!
On Thursday October 27th 9-4 we bring you over to
7117 Idle Way Fair Oaks Ca 95628
to shop from Mitsuo’s household and collection. This house is spic and span if not filled to the brim with artifacts and collectibles (many fantastic Asian items he brought back from Japan) and most items are in mint condition which is awesome considering their age.
The following write up about Mitsuo was shared by his son Rich and we thank him~
Dad was raised in Stockton, CA as a tomato farmer with his 8 brothers and sisters. During WWII, the family was displaced into internment camps in TuleLake and Manzanar, CA. After the war, with all their land, money and farming equipment taken by the federal and local governments, the family returned to their parents hometown in Japan near the Hiroshima bomb site to try collective farming. With nothing much left there, they soon returned to the Los Angeles area. Dad joined the US Air Force to become a jet engine mechanic. He spent over 20 years in active duty (including deployments to the Vietnam War) and finished up 13 years in a civil service role doing the same thing at McClellan AFB here in Sacramento before retiring. He’s owned this home since 1965, although some of those years were spent as an absentee homeowner while stationed overseas. Many of the items in the home were brought here from Japan, Okinawa, and the Philippines.
This home offers treasures including but not limited to vintage toys, carvings, ceramics, lamps, platters and Imari plates, dolls in and our of cases, figurines, antiques and collectibles, tools, fishing gear, jewelry and more.
There are a pair of very rare reticulated porcelain cut-out matching Japanese lamps with original artwork that are unbelievably beautiful as well as lots of original hand painted plates and vases, dolls and figurines that will be sold.
I should note this second sale on Thursday, is the father in law of my dear friend Cheryl whom I don’t see enough but having this sale for her family enables me to get a hug from both she and her dear father Don.
This should be a week to remember for sure!
Thanks once more for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew


Tuesday in our first photos.

Thursday as follows…