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Jennie and family will be on vacation in the Carolinas until the first of September. If you need to contact Jennie for a future or past sales event please email her at jennie at jenniekrausse dot come but she will not be answering emails until she returns. If you need to make an apt for a future meeting you may call 916-397-6504 to leave a message. Thanks for understanding and enjoy the end of August.

Thanks to everyone who helped us empty our T Street Estate Sale on Tuesday the place is empty and will be for sale by Melanie Canover from Caldwell Banker.

Thursday we welcome you all over to~
9246 Lakemont Drive Elk Grove Ca 95624
Thursday August 20th 9-6pm fair pricing
Half price Friday 9-4
Boxlot available in garage for $5 per box Friday 4-5
Donation and free going from driveway Friday at 5pm.

There will be donuts and hot coffee/cold water waiting for you on Thursday at 7am. We’ll have chairs and shade and our weekly $100 raffle all set up. The sale has numerous smalls and collectibles items that have just been added by the owner. There is plenty for everyone and they are flexible on their pricing so you should all be able to go home with a solid treasure or two to enjoy for years to come.

The house is a phenomenal find. The entire content holds enough history to make your year let alone day. Just feast your eyes on the last set of photos on the bottom of this page.

This is the Smith Estate but we go by many names… Smith, Barr, Hepper, Erbe… and we have lived in California for nearly 90 years. We have roots that stretch to other states including Washington, Idaho, and the Dakotas, as well as into Canada and parts of Europe. We grow, as do our interests, and we enjoy what we have achieved and also enjoy sharing with others.

Recently, the last remaining child from this branch of the tree helped her parents transition into a senior community where they can socialize with others that share the same past that they have. They have for the most part adjusted despite the medical and cognitive concerns that come with those years of wisdom that they have acquired, and are enjoying each day. However, without becoming maudlin, I should tell you about those years where this family flourished and did extraordinary things.

They have a wide assortment of colorful characters, who undoubtedly inherit their skills, personalities, and brilliant ideas. One brilliant idea allowed a farmer to invent newly efficient farm equipment. Another brilliant idea helped a traveling photographer invent a different type of camera. One handy gentleman repaired helicopters in WWII, spent 50 years as a butcher, and became a woodworking artist. Yet another, worked on a horse ranch, served as a radio operator in Korea, and then served the government as an engineer, all the while playing tennis up into his 80s. Another was a professional photographer who composed music and hunted for treasure up in them hills. Quite another was recognized for being a wizard in all practical matters; she could cook and bake like heaven, planned incredible feats of cunning at Christmas and other holidays, loved children, animals, and soap operas, and who was known for being a gracious hostess, throwing exquisite get-togethers, and… whose antique collectibles she procured from family members, antique houses, and her travels far and wide… Some of which you will experience for yourself at this estate sale.

The heritage and culture of the items that we are passing along to you is important to us – as a family, a member of the community, and as a resident of this planet. We feel that to send these treasures back out into the world after having cared for them for so many years is the right thing to do – so that your families and future generations will have the ability to sample a little corner of what we have experienced in our lifetimes. As we have grown, so you will also grow, and beyond. We have all been blessed to have led a passionate life and will look forward to the next 20 years continuing to be part of your community.

Lovingly penned by daughter Tracy.
New photos available at lower part of this page.