I wanted to thank you for making things so easy for me before and during the estate sale last week at my mom’s last week. All my expectations were met. All my questions throughout the process were patiently answered, sometimes twice. I would use your services again and I have recommended your service to others. I needed the property to be “broom clean” after the sale and it truly was.
Thank you for everything.
Jim Garcia

Hi Jennie!
House and garage were fabulous! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I spent some time at the house today painting my patches to determine color… 
Quick question… what did you use in the toilet to get the hard water stains / ring out? My mom used to pour a variety of things in there and scrubbed relentlessly with no visible results. Thanks again. You and your crew are awesome!

Jennie and team,
Thank you for the great work you all did in doing an estate sale for my parents house. You and your team really are experts at marketing the sale, staging the items available for sale, and conducting the sale to maximize the positive outcome of the sale. As you had promised, you left the house clean when the sale was over. Your team members are hard workers and were easy to work with. We recommend you and your team to anyone in need of an estate sale. Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable.

I can’t say enough good things about Jennie. I called Jennie after another estate sales person bailed out on me. She met me at my Dad’s house on a Sunday and we went over how estate sales work and what she would do for me. We agreed on the terms and a contract was signed that day. Within a few days the estate sale was advertised on her website. She posted pictures and kept updating them as she was going through the house. The sale was held at the end of the week and the house was very clean and empty by the following Sunday. One week from a house full of stuff and to a clean and empty house. Wow. They worked their tails off. She did everything she said she would do and more.

David W Del Webb

My father recently passed, and we had to begin the daunting task of sorting through the house and make decisions on what to keep or get rid of. “How would we do that?” I asked my wife. Well, fortunately, my wife is friends with Jennie Krausse and she said her estate sales business can do it all for us. I was thrilled. Once we went through the house to understand what was in it and decided on things to keep for ourselves, we contacted Jennie for the liquidation of the rest of the contents of the house. From the time we gave her total access to the house, until the day after the sale, we didn’t have to lift a finger. She and her staff took care of everything. On the day of the sale, my neighbors would text me at work and say, “Stuff is flying out of the house!” From the pictures I saw, they displayed and sold all of the things we wanted gone. The day after the sale, the house was clean, and there was virtually no trace of them having been there. Working with Jennie was so easy, and our recommendation for anyone looking for help in dis-positioning the contents of an estate, is to contact her and she and her staff will “Git ‘er done!”

Dear Jennie We wanted to say “Thank you” to you. Your staff was amazing, friendly, extremely helpful, and happy and just a pleasure to be with. They were incredibly industrious and efficient with their work. And they are very loyal to you. You have helped us tremendously.Some things are always tough to let go of, but we felt you were the person who would see things go to the right place and the right people. You are a rare human being, and we are proud to call you our friend. Thank you again for all your assistance and friendship. Warmest Regards Tony and Laura

Jennie and her team took on a very difficult estate sale task after our “save everything” father-in-law passed away. Thank you Jennie and team for such wonderful, sensitive, caring, helpful actions on our behalf during our time of grieving and loss. We are so thankful that a friend of a friend recommended Jennie to us! Jennie is so well organized, tells it like it is, and remains helpful and compassionate throughout the process! After the sale we were so pleased with their clean-up, too! Thank you Jennie and Team!
We will be recommending you to others when the opportunity arises.

Larry and Marjo


Hi Jennie,

This is to let you know that I received all the information on the sale…thank you so much for a job well done!
I almost hate to see it over — it was so easy for us, and we enjoyed you so much.  You have a great crew helping you and and a wonderful working relationship with your clients.
Thanks again,
Hi Jennie,
Thank you so much for all you did for us.  After you left I got kinda emotional looking at an empty house that I grew up in.  With the passing of my mom just a few months ago the emotions are still there.  If it wasn’t for you I think I would have done nothing to it for a few years.  I love the way you did things and your hard work does not go unnoticed.  I am sorry you didn’t make any money on this but will for sure send you some clients.  I’m at that age where all my friends are going through the same things in life.
Thank you
Jennie and her crew did a great job cleaning out my mother’s house. Our family could not be happier. We would not hesitate in recommending her to anybody and in fact have already done so.
Greetings Jennie,
I was the lucky one who won the raffle on Wednesday and want to express my appreciation for the generous prize. It was fun for me to have that credit and shop, knowing I had some “free money”.  I took my time and searched for a long while and was able to find a treat for each member of my family as well as a few things I will sell on ebay and make a bit of extra cash that is so handy this time of year. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner!
Trish O’Donnell
Hi Jen…
We wanted to let you know that we received a check from you for our portion of the proceeds of the sale this week.
But more so, my sister and I wanted to thank you and your crew for your expertise and promptness you showed during the liquidation of our parents’ house on American River Drive.  We were impressed by the way you were able to sell and donate all of it’s contents in under a weeks’ time.
Our parents’ had lived in the same home for over 40+ years.  We were dreading the thought of trying to empty out the house to prepare it for the new owners, not only from a physical standpoint — but an emotional one as well.
You handled the entire transaction with empathy and professionalism.  Your marketing savvy was terrific, and everything went off like clockwork — just as you said it would — without us lifting a finger.  Your crew left us with a completely vacant home, clean and ready for the new family.  You made a difficulty job as painless as possible.
Thank you again Jen, and the rest of your crew, for everything you did to make our parents’ estate sale a success.

Cindy and Cheryl

If you are searching for an estate liquidator, look no further. Jennie Krausse delivers. I was facing the monumental task of clearing out my Father’s-in-law estate. This was a case of a border line hoarder who accumulated possessions over the decades and never managed to discard a thing. Jennie has the experience, marketing skills, and extended network of buyers to make an estate sale a painless experience for a family already dealing with the emotional strain surrounding the loss of a loved one. This task was one more worry we just did not have the energy to face. Within a week Jennie and her crew managed to stage a sale, and then removed all the trash and debris left in and around the house. The house was empty and ready to place on the market when she returned the key. Upon signing our contract, Jennie asked if there was anything in the house we were looking for and unable to locate. And, as a matter of fact, we had been searching for a Masonic ring that had been in the family for generations and had been promised to another Free Mason in the family. She confidently stated not to worry, she would find it for us. Not only did she find the ring, but she located a matching tie clasp, cufflinks, and a second ring we did not even know existed. This was like finding a needle in a haystack! Jennie Krausse is a true professional and a down right nice person to boot. You can put your trust in her and relax with the confidence knowing she has your best interest in mind.
Matthew Spacek
Citrus Heights, CA
Thank you Jennie!
You were so kind to come and help me set up my sale. I really appreciate your Help.
Your suggestions on pricing made the sale much more profitable for me. But more importantly, it was just fun to meet you and ‘hang out a bit’ I don’t know how you do this work, it is so exhausting. And for three days straight dealing with the public! And lots of public! But you do it well, you keep it light and fun. And you crew is great! So willing to help. Again, Thank You Jennie, Vicki Adamson
P.S. If you ever need help, one of your crew can’t make it at last minute, I’d be happy to come help you. Not for a job, just happy to help you out.
Vicki Adamson,
We lost a dear friend of ours a couple of months ago.  She was a single woman who retired to Davis and bought  a 5 bedroom / 3 bath house with a two car garage. As I was going through the lifetime of her paperwork, mementos and memories I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of things that she had acquired. In talking with her friend next door neighbor I became aware of the name Jenny Krausse. Jenny’s reputation for impeccable work in the field of estate sales caught our friends eye and she had told her next door neighbor that she was impressed with her resume and would like her to come and speak at a function they were having.  After that it was a no brainer that Jenny’s name and phone number went into her “future reference” files.
I found Jenny’s name and immediately gave it to the Trust that was handling the executorship of the belongings. In talking with Jenny, I was amazed with all the services her company provided.  Let me walk you through what they did with this huge house and AMAZING amount of stuff that had been acquired.  Her team:
Cleaned the entire house and garage.
Threw away the trash and garbage and cleaned out the two refrigerators including the proper disposal of medications.
Arranged all the items by category and price tagged all the items for the estate sale.
Ran a 3 day Estate Sale where hundreds of people attended.
Either donated, recycled or removed everything that wasn’t sold.
Cleaned up EVERYTHING afterward.
The sale was Thurs-Saturday.  I arrived back to the house on Monday and there was NOTHING left except some family albums and paperwork Jenny thought I might need.
The house and garage (and all the yards) were immaculate. I actually took pictures to prove to others what I saw.  And not only that, she managed to have a very successful sale.
Jenny and her team are the best in the business. She understands the emotions that go into these kinds of sales and will ease you though this process with a great deal of understanding and, ultimately, success. My experience with her was absolutely astounding and I highly recommend her to anyone in the Davis / Sacramento area that may require this service.
Thank you, Jennie, for an amazing experience.
Michael Laughlin
Dear Jennie,
I just want to say to you that you did a fantastic job in helping me and my family get through this trying time.
It’s been a very rough ride and with your skill, knowledge and expertise has made this much easier for all of us.
You and your organization provides an important service to all people as the life cycle starts to end,  and with me being an only child gives me even more insight to the process.
I speak from the heart as Greenhaven was sacred ground growth up. We had ups and downs like all families along with great memories and it was home that my mom and dad provided for me.
I now feel blessed that you became a part of it.  I’m sure that the other families that you have helped feel the same way.
When your sister came by and we started to talk we shared many of the same similarities.
Thank you for your service. And God bless to all that your staff does and please thank them for me.
The Seeley Family
Hi jennie…
I AM VERY MUCH GRATEFUL for you and ur team my garage and back yard are awesome and a million times better!!
Thank u for taking us on even if it was just becuase im cute… Lol  and my son and i did enjoy seeing/getting to know u all a bit better.
Your all hard workers and kind.
Marcy :-)

Jennie came to Grass Valley to preview a property for Ms. Ericson in the heat and dust of the day on very short notice. Then came back to take the job which she has done without question like the professional that I expected. This was a big dirty job and Jennie and her crew rolled up their sleeves and went at it and for this we our most appreciative. I would recommend Jennie and her team to anyone that wants an honest and hard working company to tackel their estate issues. Thank you Jennie and friends.    Bill Chapman

Dear Jennie,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the way in which every facet of our estate sale was handled. From start to finish, it was professional throughout every phase, the organized fashion in which it was done could not have been executed better. Your staff was not only professional, but went out of their way to help me several times, which they did not have to do, but volunteered willingly and were happy to do anything we asked of them. I would recommend your services to anyone who is out there dreading the process of having an estate sale themselves. Your company and staff are truly the number one way to go when in need of professional help and guidance.

Thank you again,

Mary & Gary


Thank you Jennie and crew for the great job of liquidating my mom’s estate.

I met Jenny at the property she was very straight forward and left me with no doubts about her knowledge and experience. She made no false promises or claims about what it was going to take to get the job done. My mom’s house was a challenge. In short every nook and cranny had things she loved and collected (not necessarily items of value). The patio was full of Items. The yard was full of items. The converted garage space was full of stuff. The three bed rooms and every closet or cabinet were full of stuff. The only areas that weren’t full of items were the pathways.

In 2 days’ time Jenny and crew completely sold or otherwise removed every item from the yard, patio, garage and house except for personal things like paperwork, photos etc. They cleaned the inside of the house and basically left it ready to sell. When it was all said and done Jenny mailed me a check and provided a detailed report. There was a breakdown of the cost of doing the job that listed the cost of the 10 or so people that were working on the effort and all other cost that were talked about and agreed on before the job was done.

I would recommend Jenny to anybody that does not have the will or desire to undertake an estate sale on their own. She and her crew did an amazing job of professionally liquidating the estate in 2 days.

Mike Smith


Jennie, thank you very much for the fun water bottles….watching the crowd they loved them too.

I would like to also add a big, BIG thanks for the staff you have…Pam, Chris, Steve, Blanca, and all of the others work who so hard, and are so polite ( even to the rude people) you really know how to pick them. They are fair and friendly, very important in your industry.
Anyway, I am newly retired and love your auction format….and mostly your people.Barbara Anderton

We sure appreciated your advice as to when, and when not to be around, as decades of our lives were resolved into a simple, clean house to be presented to the new owner.   We also threw you some surprises in forgetting to tell you that there was a fruit cellar under the house, and that there was a five gallon can of honey… unmarked.

Friends and neighbors commented at how efficiently you handled it all.  They reported too, on the industrious work of those employed by you!
We plan to see you at one of your Estate Sales whenever we return to California, …and we shall!
Elna & Dale Bennett
Now, of Sun City West, Arizona

Hi Jenn,

Your gracious and generous gift to help KittyWits has really been a gift from heaven!   So many unique situations have come up where ESH funding was called to rescue.
  One of the kittens I adopted last year developed serious health issues and Ponzu’s young newlywed couple had exhausted their credit cards to get the veterinary care needed.  I was able to share $700 of your donation to help them including eye surgery for little Ponzu….all before her 1st birthday.
My Blanca, a rescued white cat with rapidly recurring skin cancer on her ears, needed a second surgery and later a visit to a specialist… poor little sweetheart, the tests showed the cancer had already overtaken her body.   She is resting in peace now knowing she was cared for and loved.
I have also helped dozens of cats get spayed/neutered through the County grant to the Animal Spay and Neuter clinic.   The surgery was covered by the grant, but I opted to share your goodness to also get them their basic shots and their fleas, earmites and worms treated.   These kitties would have never been fixed or vaccinated thus creating worse cat overpopulation problems for our community.  
Little Jubilee was recently street rescued from a neighborhood in 95822.  She came with severe skin allergies that were causing hair loss and wounds from her aggressive scratching.   Her earmites are now gone, hair is growing back and now her ear infections are being address though 4 different medications.  
Also Scruffy Bunny, a 10 year old darling, only weighing 5.8 lbs, found his way off the greenbelt to a previous client’s home.  In checking him out, I noticed his teeth were just rotten.  He needed 4 teeth extracted and a good cleaning.   At the ASN clinic they found he had some thyroid growths and the tests showed he needed some fluids and meds to help stablize his deteriorating heath.  Thanks to your funds and the wonderful staff and prices at the Animal Spay and Neuter clinic, we were able to help Scruffy Bunny.  He is now recovering at my clients home as her house kitty. 
YES Jenn you have been a part of each of these stories through your love and concern for the animals.   Thank you for so generously sharing your gift with so many in need.   Thank you to all your staff and customers who shared in this blessing.
Sharing the love and paying forward,
Charlene, KittyWits

Wow! What a company! Jennie and her staff are very hard working folks who do what they say they will. It took them 2 full days to set up my sale and one day to sell everything and completely clean up the property inside and out. I was amazed at the long hours an attention to detail. Most of all the total amount of buyers they brought in; hundreds of people came to the sale which didn’t start until 7 AM but they began lining up at 5AM. I wasn’t expecting that this sale would bring in much money but the total was in the thousands and the expenses were more than reasonable. This is a company you can trust!
Bruce Curtis Park

My sister and I were dreading cleaning out our 95 year-old mother’s 61 year-old house after she decided to move to assisted living. Moving heavy furniture and getting rid of 61 years of stuff was a heavy burden. Our realtor suggested a few estate sale people and we chose Jennie after reviewing her fabulous website which contained everything you need to know about estate sales.  From start to finish we had a great experience.  Jennie met with us to explain the process and look over the house.  Jennie and her team organized the items, advertised the sale, and priced items smartly based on her years of experience. The estate sale went great and we received our share of sales a few days after the sale. We were very satisfied with the money we received. What was really impressive was less than 24 hours after the sale, the house was totally empty and clean.  Rugs were vacuumed, floors and counters were clean, and even the backyard that had junk stacked up was emptied and swept. Jennie donated usable unsold items and took the rest to the junkyard. My sister and I were so happy to have the house cleaned out and ready for sale. In the past week I’ve told many friends and relatives about our great experience.  My sister and I can’t believe we were so fortunate to work with Jennie!

I was completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of work required to liquidate my father’s personal belongings that he had acquired in almost 70 years.  In addition, as the administrator of the estate and not a California resident, I needed help. After doing some research I decided to hire Jennie Krausse based on the great reviews she received.  I was quickly rewarded by that decision and astonished daily as the Estate Sale Help (ESH) crew worked feverishly prepping the thousands of items and laying them all out on tables so they were easily accessible to potential customers.  They even setup a security area to display all the small expensive items for sale that was closely monitored by several employees to prevent pilferage.  The ESH crew did an awesome job at this and they remained on the property overnight to watch over the items.  Bravo!
I could not believe the response that Jennie orchestrated the day the sale started.  There was a line down the street and around the corner to get in the gate to shop.   I estimate that over 80% of the sale was done the first day.  Jennie truly has a large and eager customer base.  She also is very experienced and has a knack for pricing items to sell so as to move things but bring a good profit too.  The sale more than doubled my estimate!
When everything was sold the final day the ESH crew worked hard to clean up the house and property and I was so very pleased.  If you are ever in the unfortunate position of needing an estate sale, do yourself a favor and call Jennie.  You won’t regret it.
Shannon W. Texas

My husband and I attended your sale in Bethel Island this weekend, and I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for an awesome sale.  We go to many estate sales in this area and really appreciated how well run this sale was.  The staff were incredibly helpful and efficient.  They kept the place organized and did a great job making sure our pile of goodies were safe until we could come back with our trailer to pick it up. We purchased the huge Mill and everyone was very helpful and accommodating while we disassembled the mill and then loaded it into the trailer.  The prices were very fair and Chris went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed. I was truly impressed with how hard the whole team worked to keep the sale moving and well organized.

I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the coffee and doughnuts while we were waiting for the sale to open.  That is a very generous gesture and makes the whole crowd much happier to wait for the gates to open!

I wish we lived closer to Sacramento, since we really enjoyed attending your sale and would love to be able to attend more.

Thank you again!

Pat and Terry Alger


Very satisfied with the work done by Jennie and her crew,very thoughtful to all neighbors and very professional.If you need someone for your sell this is the only company to contact.
Thank you again for all your hard work,


Dear Jennie, Although we both thanked you so many times we feel it could never be enough. We were in the process of selling our home and also trying to figure out what to do with years of boxed collectables (and who knows what) we had stored. These were items in which our mother left to us years ago and we still had a strong emotional bond to. We were limited on time so we called a couple of liquidators.

The first gentleman arrives to see what is available and what he might want for himself. He states,” You know I can’t give you full value because I am in the business to make money.” That didn’t go over well but we were new to this and time was of the essence.

Annette pulls up Jennie’s website and we give her a call.” I will be there in an hour, don’t worry about a thing,” Jennie replies after we explain our story. Jennie and Pam arrive and our more interested in our story than any of the stuff we were willing to sell. She explained the process which we knew nothing about and said I will take care of everything. Boy did she! Along with her team of tremendous people the staging, sale and clean up was accomplished in two days.

What stood out the most was the care of her staff for all of our mothers things. We will never forget that. Jennie, Pam and all of the staff, Thank you so much. We truly believe that our mother pointed you in our direction.
We love you, Annette and Tom Gutman


As my Dad’s health began to decline, we made the decision to move him to Oregon to be closer to our family. This placed Dad in in the unenviable position of having to leave his home of 32 years and sell or donate all of his possessions.   Jennie was extremely responsive and very professional. She and her team did an incredible job coordinating the estate sale and subsequent cleanup of Dad’s home. I cannot begin to thank Jennie and her team enough for helping our family through a very difficult time.   What was once an insurmountable and overwhelming task was effectively managed through to completion by Jennie and her capable team. In gratitude,   Jim and Steve McArthur

I’m very happy with the service Jennie provided.   She is experienced, knows how to put the estate sale together, and got it done with no wasted time.  From start to finish in under a week.  I am astonished!  The additional service of cleaning out everything else was also great.  Thank you Jennie!

— Cayford

Jen, just had to stop by to tell you what an amazing team you have working for you. I’m sure you know it, but hearing it from someone else has to be like a warm hug.   We miss you at the sales, there is absolutely no one out there like you. Hope you show up one day and surprise us. soon! Hugs Claudia

Just a quick word Jennie…your posts are always filled with wonderful human drama and love for friends and family….I recall with a glow how nice and professional you were at my sale….before doing and after…Im in Nicaragua building a bed and breakfast on the most

beautiful beach around…but if I were there I would find some good stuff to donate to your worthy causes….
       All the best to you and your family and your great crews…
                   Don Gomez

Hey there Jennie!

I was just talking about you this morning – were your ears burning????  I know you are still processing all the details of the sale and we’ll hear from you soon, but …. I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you and your team.  I stopped over several times that day (once around 1 p.m. and again after the sale was complete).  Couldn’t believe the number of people standing and waiting for the sale to begin (Kris sent me a picture of the number of people – wow!!!!!).  They were even “camping out” the night before !!!!  Says alot about you and your sales !!!!  I tried to get a parking place on the street and wasn’t able to find one … there were so many people.
I just kept saying AMAZING what your crew does and two/three times a week.  It is like moving a house and I struggle helping our girls move from dorms, apartments, houses, etc. etc. over the years.  I just couldn’t believe how wonderful the house looked, even tho it was sad for me to see.  Construction starts on Monday with painting, removing rotted boards and pulling up carpets, etc., so you made it possible IN A HUGE WAY to keep our deadline on track.  Kris was a “gem,” but we all know that – such a great friend to Bob (and us) during this time : ) !!!!  I have given our real estate agent your name to provide to other families that may be in the same position as us.  You were fantastic and we soooo appreciate your help more than you know.  Many thanks and look forward to hearing how we did the day of the sale.
Big hugs, Diana & Dennis

Jennie, Jennie, Jennie!!!  

Just want to let you know how pleased we are with the results of the sale! You and your team are nothing less than awesome, and we appreciate you so much!  I went over today to water the lawn and cannot believe how clean the place is.  I honestly don’t know how you all accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are such an asset and service to our community, and I will recommend you highly to anyone who asks.


Hi Jennie,

Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for your help with the estate sale, for my aunt, on Sailfish Way in June.  I stopped by, late in the afternoon on the day of the sale, to pick up a piece of furniture we’d reserved for the family.  In spite of hot weather, the sale was going smoothly and your staff was so welcoming. I told our realtor, Jim Walker/Cook Realty, that the estate sale had gone well and you’re in his Rolodex.
Thanks again
The other niece.


Thanks for the report, Jennie. I’m sorry to hear that the sale was not more profitable, but I certainly understand. I know you and your crew worked very hard, and am sure the house will look its best when you are finished tomorrow. I am still very grateful, not only for what you did in terms of taking care of clearing away Kevin’s things, but also for the way you did it, with integrity and thorough professionalism. Most of all I appreciate the care and support you extended to me throughout this difficult time.
Thank you.


Hi Jennie,
I have been to several of your  estate sales and they have always been well organized and plenty of people working the sale. Cleaning up rearranging thing and keeping it organized.
That said. A friend of mine recently hired a company to do the estate sale at his house. An elderly couple came out and talked with the family. The family was happy with what was said and signed the papers.
The sale was for several days including Saturday.  They brought in dealers ahead of the general public.
I a family friend arrived on Saturday to help the family asses  what was to be done with what was left over. I should also say that there were other family friends their to help.
My point. At the end of the day there was a fair amount left. When they left tables that they had set up they just flipped whatever was left on them onto the floor folded the tables and walked away. As we started going thru things we found numerous things still left in the kitchen cabinets that had not been put out to sell. Among many other items.
The 2 people there working were very rude and unhelpful. Turns out they were real estate agents. They did not even work for the company.
So with all that said we were all very overwhelmed by the amount of things we had to deal with.
Now why am I telling you all of this.You have your shit together and understand that it is difficult for family and friends when doing an estate sale. You have always been gracious and concerned. So I am thanking you for being the person you are and taking care of your customers so well.
I wish I knew the name of the company but I do not. My guess is you already know.
So my hat is off to you. Keep it up.

Sue Brown

Just a little note to let you know how well run the Estate Sale at Acacia was today! Pam checked us out and was super fair with her pricing and so nice! There was a Hispanic man (forgot to get his name!) who checked on us periodically to make sure we had enough boxes and then took all our boxes to the check out tables for us! We even had some of your workers pull items that we didn’t see and bring them to us.   I don’t know if you remember me, but I have a shop in Napa and my assistant and I were there to get Vintage Clothing (and we purchased a lot!!) and we were super happy with how customer oriented your whole staff was. I know that in this business you probably get lots of complaints (we do too!) but both of us had such a good time at the sale today we just had to write and give you and your staff kudos!!!

Tina/Crush Vintage


My mother’s house had accumulated over 40 years of stuff that presented an apparently insurmountable task to me to get it cleaned up. Jenny and her crew were so efficient and organized they completed everything from sorting to estate sale to clean up in under 2 weeks. Her and her staff were very professional and courteous and knew their business. Jenny could see value in things I would have just thrown out. In the end I received an itemized list of all things sold and was very happy with the outcome.
I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.



We found Jennie and crew about a year ago, quite by accident. We were traveling home from our monthly Doctor visit and saw the bright yellow signs that said Estate sale, so for something fun and different we followed them. When we got there, there were doughnuts and coffee and masses of boxes on tables that said “sold”. Not knowing the ropes we started wondering about, looking for prices, but there were over 10K items easy. I overheard a women “complaining” to a blonde haired women who was telling her “we do our best”, of course it was Jennie! We had so much fun, hunting for our treasures, little items for grandchildren, home and yard. Boy did we find them!!! Now, we follow Jennie and crew (all known by first names) ONLY. We once “cheated” on her when another company was within blocks of our home. Boy were we disappointed! They had tons of jewelry that could not possibly be from this one home as the display cases alone told us they were professional dealers. That was it, we have never gone to another estate sale that was not run by Jennie’s team since. We enjoy the day out, we have saved much money because we buy items for our home at low prices and we are always treated with respect. Jennie and Pam and Steve and Blanca are just fun folks to be around. We never argue with the price Jennie comes up with because it’s always fair. We over hear others arguing with her and just chuckle because we know that they are foolish and just like to haggle. This team is very professional and works so hard, I would never want their jobs, no matter how much money they make. And yes, all of the families heirlooms are treated with respect and are always there if you are first in line. I could go on, but you would think I was paid to write this note. Of course I have not been paid, we just felt it was important to give a little back to Jen and her team.

With regards and respect Dave & Betty



I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for your wonderful estate sales:) they are all so organized. And while from time to time we see someone walk out on your estate sale angry at the staff for staying organized, we can surely appreciate the organization. When my husband lost his job last year we decided to start reselling items seeing as we were always in and out of estate sales, antique stores and flea markets on all of our free time. And we also started re-purposing old stuff that was a little too far gone to be restored and what not. So going to your estate sales and digging through garages for old piping and other items has been a blessing for us. And finding all sorts of vintage and antiques items to resell to people who don’t have the time or opportunity to go treasure hunting themselves, has been an amazing opportunity for us as a family. We take our son who will turn three in August with us too! He goes in with his own mission:) old toys, especially old trucks and cars, he loves old pin back buttons, and old bottles too! But they have to be really small he says. He calls them his baby bottles:) lol he is definitely a treasure hunter at his early age! He had been in and out of antique stores and estate sales since he was born. Everyone is always so caught off by how well he treats the old stuff he collects! Well anyways, my whole point was to thank you and simply let you and your staff know what you mean to our family.
Thank you so much! Andy, Isabel, and baby Travis



There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Jennie and her crew: Pam, Kris, Gabi, Izzy, Alexis and so many others–they’re all such hard workers! A 55-year accumulation of ‘stuff’ was lovingly removed, sorted and sold or donated to worthy causes. What would have taken months of backbreaking work for us was accomplished in a week. We now have a 100% vacant house that is ready to sell. Bittersweet to walk through empty rooms once so vibrant with our family but time marches on. We highly recommend Estate Sales Help!

Diane of Davis


Jennie: The skill you and your staff demonstrated a few weeks ago in handling the estate sale at our mother’s home demonstrates what true professionals you are. I could not have been more pleased with all that you accomplished from set-up to sale to “closing up shop.” Everything you do is so transparent and yet so important.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




HI Jennie,I wanted to tell you how amazed and delighted I am by the way you and your crew ran the estate sale for my parents house.  Tim, my next door neighbor sent me a few pictures and kept me posted on how it went.  From the early morning set up, doughnuts to porta-potty, you were so well organized.  Your years of experience showed. The line of people waiting to get in was very impressive. I was wondering how you could possibly put a price tag on everything, but Tim tells me that you were the one they showed their items to who told them the price and told them if they did not like the price, there was a line up of people who would be willing to buy it instead.  I can’t believe you sold the canoe and damaged skiff.  You are amazing!  Thank you for extending the sale to three days.  I appreciate your diligence to get it all sold..

Thank you for your professional work,
Jan Mason

I recently started attending estate sales in the area and have to say that Estate Sales Help has been the best experience yet. Everyone always seems happy and friendly.
Marco Flores
Jennie and crew, thank you for your services with my mother’s estate sale. Looking around the house gives me a greater appreciation for the work you and your crew go through. I can’t imagine trying to do this myself. I was floored by the clean, empty house after the sale, and had never seen the place empty before. The list of sales was amazing to see. You know your stuff. Also, thanks again for taking care my mother’s cat, Sadie. Keep up the good work.
Please thank your crew for doing such a wonderful job. Everything was organized beautifully and I felt the prices were very reasonable after I took emotional attachment into account. I hope it was profitable for all of us. Friends who came by the sale reported it was extremely well organized and that the flow of people was perfect.

Hi Jennie – We have started going to your estate sales since last year (and I even got my hubby hooked on your estate sales). I think the 1st time was the one in EDH and we purchased a very nice dining table and chairs as well as two matching Bombay chests. Anyway, I just wanted to commend your staff. They are always courteous and professional. Lately, I have been coming in the afternoon as I am coming from Placerville, but my husband tries to go during his lunch break (just depending on where the sale is). Several times I’ve been – you were not there and Pam was great in managing the sale along with your staff (Chris, Bianca, Steve, Jacob-?, and others I don’t recall their names). Since we started going to your estate sale, we also started checking out other estate sale — and we LOVE yours… especially the people. Thanks – my hubby said, I found a new and expensive habit. Hope to be able to go to the next estate sale. I know we missed out on last weeks estate sale.


Jennie’s sales are by far the best around. She is more than fair with pricing, always greets you with a sincere smile, and is honest about what her sales have to offer. You will never leave one of her sales without feeling great about your purchase! Thank you very much Jennie for all of your hard work, it is much appreciated!



A few words come to mind when describing Jennie and her crew. Organized,fair priced,professional,helpful,thoughtful,hard workers,dedicated,caring,and the list goes on. All of my shopping experiences have all been truly wonderful,and for that I thank Jennie and her crew. Great job!


Jennie and her crew were unbelievably efficient and thorough in preparing a sale for our family on very short notice. We were thrilled to have found her company to help us through this very overwhelming project. Thank you again, Jennie, Pam and Kris for relieving us of a heavy burden with such compassion and understanding. I just wish we had found you a month sooner!!!




Jennie and her lovely team completed not one estate sale for me, but TWO! Yes, they did and the process is amazing. Professional, lovely, the most hardworking individuals I have met. Oh, and so very organized! Initially, the idea of an estate sale was scary and overwhelming as it was an unknown. The moment the process began, and I mean the moment, relief came over me and I knew I had made the right decision to work with Jennie and team. They are kind, thorough and incredibly wonderful people who you would want to be friends with after the sale is complete. I can not say enough good words about Jennie and team, and I recommend her to anyone who needs support. I kept telling my friends throughout the process and I will continue to say, ” It is the only way”.



I went to many estate sales & you are the number one. You want to hear why? 1-you organize the list 2-put all in line before start, (my heart starts working faster for the lucky number I think all the other buyers too.) 3- you don’t let in  your friends or your regulars buyers first.  (this is one big mistake that make almost all others states sale) 4-you give good service to your buyers & fast check out with a big smile, fair prices and after 6pm it is FREE. 5-with all this that you offer you don’t need to ask your customer to come back they will not find anywhere with all of this, they will come back automatically “thank you for treating all equal.”



Jennie and her team are professionals every step of the way.  They are courteous, respectful, and caring when preparing a families’ possessions for sale.  We were overwhelmed with the volume of things in my brother’s home, but Jennie turned it into a buyers delight for the crowd whom she attracted on short notice with her advertising.  The hours spent staging the sale paid off. To say the outcome was a miracle is an understatement.  I don’t know what we would have done without her.



THANK YOU, JENNIE for helping us empty our family home.  You and your team did a great job!  Your assistants are the nicest people!  So kind and helpful.  I enjoyed talking to them.  We three were so impressed with how well organized you and your assistants were in the way the sale was run.  I now understand why you and your service is so highly regarded and so much in demand!  Also, thank you so much for the 3 copies of the DVD and the statements.  Your special consideration of us is so very much appreciated.

Again, thanks!  I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful relaxing vacation in August.

-Chris Sullivan


Dear Jennie,

I am one of the sisters of 1111 Fay Circle.  I regret that I was unable to meet you.  Thank you for the great job you did for us.  I especially enjoyed your beautiful daughter modeling the vintage clothes, and I truly appreciated your warm, helpful crew, especially Steve (and his wife), Pam, Cami, and the gregarious woman wearing all black with short hair, whose name, regrettably, I have forgotten.  Also, thank you for the CD’s.  You really make a difference in the world: you help people get through a traumatic experience and you accomplish your difficult task with professionalism, expertise, and an empathetic, efficient crew.
Please use any part of this email for an endorsing testimonial for your website.

Ann B


Hi Jennie, Our sincere thanks to you and your crew for such a wonderful job. A harder working crew I have never met.  I was especially impressed that each member came up, introduced themselves and shook my hand.  This made the day start on a such a nice friendly note.  It was wonderful how “show room” like the house became, thanks to Pam’s talents (I believe), just breath taking.  I am sure all your customers feel as we did….one day, and “poof” a life’s collection of treasure’s gone.  Tough to swallow.  Especially at the end of the day when it gets so crazy.  We did learn that now is the time for US to clean out our closets and garage’s, a very good lesson learned!!!  I do want YOU to know that your black and white presentation of what to expect from your company was very direct, but needed.  And amazingly, you did everything proposed right down to the letter.  So professional and yet thoughtful.  Wishing you continued success and please give a very special THANKS to each member of your crew.  See you at one of your future sales, did I say that out loud?  Less is more, right?  Unless you see a “treasure”.


The Borlaug Family


Jennie and her very helpful employees were extremely dedicated to making sure I was comfortable with the process of an estate sale.  Jennie staged my father’s home in a dignified and respectable manner.  When the sale was finalized, the home was completely cleaned inside and out.  Furthermore, Jennie was always available to answer any of my questions.  She always got back to me immediately.  Her caring and empathetic manner was a blessing when it came to dealing with the tedious work of sorting through a loved one’s belongings.  I know my father would have loved Jennie, and he’s grateful I had such a ‘jewel’ helping me with his estate.

Lisa of Rosemont


I met an angel on Earth — Jennie Krausse.  Yes, she is a savvy business woman whose company provides a much needed service to those of us overwhelmed by the challenges of liquidating our parents homes.  More importantly, however, she and her crew care.  I love that they are all about recycling — “don’t throw anything away”, Jennie told me.  What can’t be sold is donated or given away in the last hours.  The dump is the last resort.  I am very grateful for the concern she showed for our personal items when a problem arose.  Please, do not hesitate to contact Jennie if you need help selling an estate.  You can trust her to be honest in her advice, to handle your property with respect and do what she promises.  You will not be disappointed!



Thank you Jennie and crew!  You made what would have been a very labor-intensive effort on our part a very easy single-day event.  When Jennie told me they would do “everything,” I didn’t realize it meant removing everything not sold including empty boxes, but also it meant cleaning the entire home, INCLUDING cleaning the inside of every drawer!  Job well done!  Thank you!

Jerry Littlejohn


You, a stranger, came into our lives and have done more than any of our families and took a chance on us.  We will forever have a place in our hearts for you.  Rest assured we will always pay it forward and think of you whenever we give someone a “boost” when they feel all is lost!

Bless you Jenn


I wanted to thank Jennie and her crew in the handling of my Father’s estate sale on March 21st.  It is difficult to deal with the death of a beloved father and then on top of it his personal  belongings.  Jennie has a way of making the process easier by her sensitivity and caring at this time.  She is a true professional in every sense of the word.  Jennie is organized and has a amazing knack for organizing and displaying his personal collections.
Thank You



Five years ago I approached Jennie through her website and asked her advice about starting an estate sale business in Louisiana–She was so kind and helpful and open with her help.  Estate sale coordinators are not always kind and open with others in the business but not Jennie!  This week I met Jennie and her ladies at the national estate sale convention in St. Louis- She is just as wonderful in person–Jennie you’re the best!!

Cheryl Cockrell of Cockrell Estate Sales in Lafayette Louisiana


Went to the estate sale on Park in El Dorado Hills and it was by far the BEST sale I’ve ever been to.  The prices were so fair and reasonable.  I will try to go to all Jennie’s sales, for sure!!



There are not enough words to describe my gratitude for Jennie, and that she came into my life!!!!  I met her several years ago and immediately felt her enthusiasm, honesty, and thoroughness of her profession.  Back then, I wanted to sell just a few items, and she directed me to someone she knew I could trust.  Since I am a very private person, I felt much more comfortable with her recommendation and as a result, the whole transaction worked out great!  I would see her occasionally at one of her estate sales and she was always happy to see me and made me feel as if I were one of her friends: very easy to talk to, and lots of fun.  All this while working and dealing with everything that has to be taken care of at an estate sale, her livelihood!  Next, to make a long story short: I called Jennie recently to help me with a huge, emotional, downsizing, estate sale that I knew was inevitable.  This woman was so supportive, understanding, compassionate, and kind.  She made it as easy as possible and believe it or not, helped my sadness turn into gladness with her positive outlook, and helped me to simplify my sorting of things in a really, cute, fun way…  You see, I have been a collector of vintage things for years, especially purses, and my very favorite one was sitting on the dresser. She saw it and first said, “What a great purse!”  Then said, “Stuff is just stuff. Only keep the things you really, really love, like that vintage purse!”  Her creative ‘words of wisdom’ really took away the mountain of dread that was looming over me and whenever I got off focus, I would go look at my lovely purse, think of Jennie’s words, and I could continue on and on!!  She really put things in perspective for me which helped me with the reality of what to keep and what to sell.  Now let me tell you about her crew!  They were the most considerate, organized, respectful, hard working, ladies and gentlemen ever!  They were careful with my things and my home, and worked very hard displaying the items for the sale absolutely beautifully, enticingly, gorgeously, artistically, amazingly, etc.!!  They also worked just as hard in cleaning up Everything!  I have already told many people how absolutely wonderful, gracious, kind, and honest Jennie is and will continue to shout it from the rooftops!  I thank her and her crew soo much for helping me, (and going above and beyond the call of duty) with this estate sale, in order to make it such a huge success! The whole experience was wonderful!

Big thanks to all, and all my love,


I would recommend Jennie and her crew wholeheartedly to anyone needing help with estate liquidation.  In one day of prep and two days of sale they were able to empty our house of sixty five years worth of stuff accumulated by my wife’s parents.  They were always friendly and gracious to work with, and also respectful of our things, returning any items such as personal photos or letters they thought we might want to keep.  Jennie and her crew were also attuned to our need for privacy during the sale.  They were able to partition off the house so that the rooms where the sale took place were kept separate from our living quarters.  All in all, a wonderful experience that now enables us to get on with the next phase of our lives.

Jennie and crew, we love you guys!


You and your crew do such a wonderful job of arranging the treasures that are offered for sale.  I can’t imagine the work that goes into each and every sale.

Good Job!


We can’t thank Jennie and her crew enough for the enormous task of cleaning out my aunt and uncle’s home.  I called her on a Sunday evening and they were working the next day!  We loved their approach of putting very little in the trash.  Jennie and her crew worked tirelessly and with good humor through the week.  And when it was all done, the house looked perfect.  Their genuine caring and compassion were appreciated at such a stressful time. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service to so many families in need.

Sincerely, Lynn and Family


A herculean effort was needed to liquidate all the belongings left to my sister and I.  Jennie and crew accomplished this task quickly, professionally and with  caring.  Highly recommend~

Steven and Susan


“Jennie walked in and completely took over.  She took our mom’s house, turned it into a showroom, and filled it with customers, all in a matter of days.  I’m very impressed with Estate Sales Help, and you will be too.”

Todd Greenhaven


“Estate Sale Jennie and her crew did an amazing job at our estate sale.  At a difficult and heart-wrenching time, after having lost my second parent, Jennie and her friends handled every item of my parents with respect and optimism, carefully washing all of our crystal and glassware, polishing silver, arranging my Father’s collectibles in a wonderfully attractive display that my Father would have loved and meticulously checking with me on every personal family belonging.  I could not have asked for a more careful and professional handling of our estate and I am so grateful for Jennie’s experience, expertise and hard work during our estate sale.  All of the neighbors came by and greatly enjoyed seeing my family’s lovingly collected treasures in beautiful displays.  The crowds at the estate sale were terrific and people that came to the sale were so excited.  I loved Jennie’s pictures of all of our treasures and she posted these nightly before the sale.  I have complete trust in the integrity of Jennie and her crew.”

Thank you so much Jennie,


Jennie, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your assistance with the Estate Sale and the sale of the vehicles.  I assume you also gave the man who made the offer on the house, Andy’s name and number so he could follow through with him.  This saved a lot of time and effort in getting the house sold which we also appreciate.  Thanks to your team as well.

Kathy & Dave


Dearest Jennie,

You and your team helped us through a complicated and exceedingly short deadline while doing an exceptional job!  It was invaluable to us (managing this Sacramento home from Berkeley) that we could leave the house in your efficient, capable and caring hands, to return a couple of days later and see phenomenal results.  The house was clean, empty and ready to close escrow on a Wednesday morning, after handing it over to you just the previous Thursday.  We can’t thank you enough!  You are an estate sale genie!

Karin, Michael and Hannah


Jen, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did selling my Aunts things at the estate sale.  When I saw all of the time and effort you and your crew put in I was afraid I was going to owe you money.  I was pleasantly surprised with my check.  I will make sure and let everyone I know who might be in a similar situation know about you and your professionalism.  You made an unbelievably difficult situation so much easier on me. Thank you so much.



Jennie, We can’t thank you enough for handling our mom’s estate sale.  It took our family weeks to go through the items we wanted, and took you and your team only days to organize, display and sell the rest.  The professionalism, speed and energy you brought were amazing.  We went away on a weekend trip, leaving you a messy house, and came home to find all items sold and the house and yard cleaned.  We didn’t need to lift a finger. The relief of having that HUGE job completed is profound.

Thank you again,
Tim L.


Hi Jennie,

You did an estate sale for us on 22nd Ave in Hollywood Park.  Wanted to thank you again and let you know after your estate sale and clean out of the home for us and our getting it ready to sell, we have had many offers this first week….can not believe how lucky we are and you were a big part of it!!!!



As we sat down to write this testimonial, we knew it would be fun and easy since we got to thank so many people for all their hard work and dedication. We met Jennie a couple of weeks ago to inquire about an Estates Sale, which we knew nothing about.  After everything was completed, we were amazed at all the work, time and energy it took to make this sale happen.  It has been extremely easy for the Tippin Family.  Jennie and her wonderful crew went through all our belongings, organized our stuff and we did not have to do a thing.  They did an amazing job cleaning our house after the sale.  We greatly appreciate everything that Jennie and her crew did for us.

The Tippins


I recently used the services of Jennie for my Grandmothers house in Roseville.  It was a beautiful home with many nice things that she had collected over the years.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take everything.  I was so impressed by Jennie and her crew.  They make the house and her belongings look beautiful, displaying everything so nicely.  Afterwards, the house was completely emptied and cleaned.  I didn’t have to stress about what I was going to do with everything, it was all done for me just like that. Thank you so much Jennie and crew, I am so thankful I found you and appreciate you all so much!



Just to let you know how thankful we are for the great job you & your crew did for emptying out Gen’s home of almost 50 years on 22nd Ave this last Thursday.  What we saw as the “bits & pieces” left after the family chose what they wanted to keep, your crew arranged the leavings so artfully that it was like walking into movie set getting ready to film nostalgia of the 40’s to the 60’s!  Then you swooped in as the “Director of Hospitality” with your crew on the morning of the sale making sure everything got sold and everyone found a treasure and had fun doing that.  You left us with a home that is totally empty, clean and ready to fold it’s walls lovingly around the next family that will treasure it like Walt & Gen did.  We can’t thank you enough for a job well done with grace, dignity and professionalism….plus a lot of laughter, fun and tears too!   Thank you again Jen, Pam, Kris, Todd, Chuck and Steve (girls before boys!).

Jackie C


Jennie is so kind and caring.  She and her crew were great!  They did everything they said they would do and in a shorter time frame than I would have ever thought possible.  There was no way, emotionally, mentally or physically we could have done what she did.  I was amazed at how quickly everything for the sale got set up and how beautifully our parents’ antiques were displayed.  To know it is done is a great relief and to know our parents’ treasures are now in new homes where they are loved is very comforting.


Thank you for taking away a huge burden and allowing us to have time with our Dad instead of having to worry about how we were ever going to get his and Mom’s things sold.  Life is not the same without our Mom but with Jen’s help, we will all be able to move forward toward the next chapter of our lives in a more positive way…

With our sincere gratitude,
Gayle Marta and family.


Hi Jennie;
I’d like to thank you and your staff on the excellent work you did on behalf of my parent’s estate sale.  I was pleasantly surprise on how much you were able to sell and the condition of the house the way you left it was immaculate. I will not hesitate to recommend you for any estate sales in the future.

Jose Lopez-Alvarez


Dear Jennie,
Thank you so much for all of your special touches you do with your sales. When there is a death, each family member is affected differently.  You  have a special way of helping each family member get through this process.  You are truly a professional. I would recommend you to any family looking for someone to do an estate sale.  You know the merchandise, prices, etc. Great job! Thanks!


Dear Jennie,

I want to express my wonderment and gratitude to you and all of your crew that you did an outstanding job on my parents’ estate on Riva Ridge, Fair Oaks, last weekend.  Even though there was much rain when the sale began, the sales were remarkable.  The numbers of people really surprised the neighbors but brought us a huge profit, even though the amount of work all of you did had to be hundreds of man-hours.  I did not know about “estate sales” until I saw your website.  My father recently passed away and my mother needed to move, after almost 70 years of marriage.  We thought the house was a disaster, but your crew performed a miracle by cleaning everything as well as selling many of our family treasures.  I will always recommend your company to anyone, however I think you will grow quickly now, as your customers follow you all over Northern California.
In gratitude,

Wyleta McDanniel



Thank you so much! You and staff did an excellent job on liquidating my sister’s house.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.  You told me you could empty the house and get it cleaned in three days while I was in CA and by gosh you did exactly that!  The house and yard looked beautiful.  I would recommend your company to anyone!  Thank you.  You took an emotional load off of me.

Warm regards,


Hi Jenny,
Thank you for the thoughtful and thorough response to my email.  Having known dozens of estates liquidators and having done it myself I do have respect for your methodology, which is unique amongst the sharky and difficult nature of the business.



I hired Jennie to sell the contents of my mother’s house when we moved her to an assisted living setting.  This was a traumatic event in many respects.  Jennie made the entire process as easy as possible for us – easier than I could possibly have imagined.  Jennie is a very pleasant person – fun and cheerful to work with.  She was unbelievably organized and extremely skillful; if there were a course in planning estate sales, she should teach it.  Jennie also has a long list of people who are interested in all manner of things, from artwork to rugs to fine china.  Her contacts brought us much more extensive exposure for the items sold from the house than we ever could have managed on our own. Jennie also took care of the less glamorous side of emptying out a home.  One onerous task was to clean the shed at the back of my mother’s yard, which had not been cleaned in decades.  Jennie just did a terrific job and made it painless for us, not to mention a nice profit on the many items sold.  Her process was very thorough: at the conclusion of the sale we had an inventory of every item sold and its prices.  And when all was said and done, she had emptied the house of its contents and cleaned it thoroughly.  Who could ask for more??!! 



Dear Jennie,
I apologize in taking so long to send you a thank you email, but I really wanted to take some time to thank you appropriately for helping me clear out my Dads house.  When I first took over the job as estate administrator I was very overwhelmed simply dealing with all of the issues between my four siblings, and my feelings related to my Dad and his wife.  When I took the job upon myself to get his house ready to sell I had no idea how enormous of a job it was.  One of my Dads wife’s friend had gone through the house and gotten rid of a lot of things before we had access to the home, and I thought that there wouldn’t be much left to do.  Well, I remember my first walk through the house wondering how on earth I would be able to get rid of all this stuff that they had acquired.  So much of it was stuff I had no idea how to get rid of it, what it was worth, even wondering how I would physically get rid of some of the larger items.  When I met with you I knew right away you were the right person.  You came in, got the house alarm to stop beeping, and I could tell you were very experienced at handling other peoples property, and that you did it very respectfully.  Thank you for fitting us in as early as you could on your schedule.  It was such a relief to know that your staff was there: my Dads property was safe and being respectfully handled.  The property itself had gone untouched for about 8 months and was in terrible condition outside.  I can certainly see how your staff had to go to the dump 5 times, the backyard was in a terrible state.  Your staff got it into an amazingly beautiful state in such a short time.  I couldn’t believe how great it looked by the sale date. 
I was even quite impressed with the write up you did on the property and how you summed up my Dad, his wife and their relationship so well on just the little information that I gave you.  You were even able to sell that funny car cage in the driveway.  I think you could sell anything that you put your mind to!  It is with much gratitude that I thank you and your staff wholeheartedly for what you did with my Dads property and for making such a tremendously big job so easy for me to do. 

Thank you again,
Mary Benefeito


Dear Jennie,
My name is Kim, you may not remember me, but you actually called me by name the other day at the Ravenwood sale……surprised me.  I’ve been to several of your estate sales and have been blessed by your effort.  It’s been on my heart to tell you for so long, as I’m sure many have, that the heart and integrity that you bring to your business is truly amazing.  I just want to tell you from an outsiders perspective how much I appreciate the care and love you bring to the families that have suffered a loss and are perhaps overwhelmed by the enormous job of letting go of the life accumulation of stuff.  I was prompted to write, as your recent email about “holes” was so truly inspiring. You treat each life, and their life collections, with such love and respect.  It’s such an admiral and important service you provide, and I have utmost respect for you.  I just wanted to share with you a bit of my story and thank you for blessing my family.  I have been out of work for 2 and 1/2 years, after being laid off from my job in the dental field.  I am a single mother of five and have raised them with little to no support.  I used to buy, refinish, and re-sell antiques as a means to supplement my income and stay home with my kids, instead of sending my kids to all day daycare.  I used to dream of opening a shop, as people always encouraged that……So, we finally I did it!!!  My kids are older now, but I still have 3 of them at home…..they range from 14 to 28. My oldest son has become my right hand helper and such a great friend. a pretty cool accumulation of stuff that I’ve collected over the years… I love this business….it’s my hobby and passion to collect cool stuff….. and now I enjoy passing on my “finds” at  a great price to friends and customers.  To be able to support my family (hopefully) while doing what I love is truly a gift.  To have your energy playing such a role is such a gift as well.  I remember so many selfish and cut-throat dealers in this business that I gave it up for awhile….that was in the Bay area…. Thank you so much again……the heart that you bring to this business in infectious and encouraging to me.  I don’t know you……but I love you.  Perhaps someday we can get acquainted….I’d love that!

Kim’s Eclectic’s…… a “Better” 2nd hand store
5809 Marconi Ave.
Carmichael, Ca. 95608
Much love and blessings to you,
Kim Meidinger


After 30 years, I lost my husband to cancer.  After two years of trying to “fix” the home we’d had, I found in order to move forward, I needed to move physically.  I found a new home, but not everything could go, so I called Jen. What a great service!  I was able to let go of a lot of stuff that someone else wanted!  Jen and her crew did a great job.  I highly recommend her services. She works with you and for you all the way.  She made the whole process painless.

Connie B.


I don’t know which spiritual tradition you espouse or come from, Jennie, but if anyone wants to know what it looks like to live the Golden Rule, all they have to do is follow you around.  As you know, all traditions have a variation of this rule so it doesn’t matter how they say it—it all ends up looking the same.  And you’re one of the few who knows how to live it.  I want you to know that not only are you providing a service to those who call on you, but also of course you’re providing an obvious service to those who love bargains and who want to buy quality goods.  But there’s another purpose you’ve been serving:  multiplying one service into many others.  I’ve bought your clothes, shoes, books and toys to send to kids in an orphanage in Tanzania, bought fabric to send to a quilting collective in the poorest region in Mississippi, bought art supplies to donate to a group in north Sacramento, bought blankets to hand out to homeless folks, and bought a whole group of photos to locate and send them to the family’s descendants who didn’t live locally.  This isn’t to brag about the magnificent things that I’ve done over the years, but to tell you that you’ve been doing many magnificent things that you probably weren’t aware of.  There are many, many people who would give you all kinds of praise and accolades if they knew about your work and name.  I just wanted you to know that for me, you’re essential.



My Mom lived through the depression era and could never part with anything.  For decades, her main hobby has been buying stuff.  So when she had to be moved to an Assisted Care Facility to live out her sunset years, I was left with a gigantic problem–what could I do with all the stuff?  Some of it was obviously valuable.  Some of it was just junk.  But there was lots of it.  And I didn’t have the time, energy or inclination to sort through it all.   Enter Jennie Krause and Estate Sales Help.  Jennie solved my problems neatly and cleanly while making Mom some money too!  We started with a nightmare situation, but Jennie stepped in and took over deftly.  She sorted through all the items and figured out what to do with them.  She organized them, tagged them, arranged them for sale, and then held a huge estate sale to give people who might appreciate my Mom’s excess things a chance to buy them.  Jennie emptied the house for us and cleaned it up for sale.  Jennie communicated with me every step of the way, put aside everything she found that she thought I might want, and was scrupulously honest throughout the process.  When we were all done, what started as a hopeless nightmare had been converted into a clean house, sold items, and a check from Jennie Krause.

Thanks, Jennie.


Hi Jennie,

I’m Cheryl Ritter, Pauleen Gomke’s daughter, and I live in Kauai.  I wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you are doing!  I so appreciate being able to see the pictures, just in case there’s something that means something to me that I wanted to have.  I really appreciate your write up of the house and the love you shared of it.  It made me cry.  As you can tell, my mother loved to find treasures.  She was an extraordinary artist in so many different ways and her mother had a fine gift store when she was a young girl.  She would help her mother after school.  She learned quality and she knew how to shop!  She often talked about wanting to have a store of her own.  Now this is her store!  But it’s hard for her to see all these things go, and I’m sure you’ve seen that before from doing so many estate sales.  My hope, and one I share with her, is that now her treasures will bring others joy.  I wish you a great sale and thank you for all you are doing.



Howdy Jennie

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks.  Several months ago I attended a sale you hosted in Todd Valley and picked up a Kitchen Aid mixer.  I have wanted a good, heavy-duty mixer for a long time, but frankly I never could afford a new one.  The price you were charging was fair, but I was $10 short.  You gave it to me for $10 less.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  I use that mixer almost every day, and it runs like a dream.  I think of you and the lady who owned it every time I fire it up.  Frankly, I don’t know how you guys do it.  I just hate moving, and in your job that’s pretty close to moving two to three times a week.  It’s a lot of hard work, and I know I could never cope with it.  Anyway, thanks again and God bless you.
I sure look forward to your emails and your sales.



Hi Jennie,
I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner but I wanted you to know how terrific you are and thank you again for a fantastic program.  All of our members couldn’t stop talking about you and your work and they appreciated all that you had to say.  Gary was also a wonderful source of information and we all learned so much from him.  By coincidence, last weekend a friend of mine asked me to go with her to see a house for sale in Woodland.  When I got there it looked familiar and then I realized it was the house where you were doing the Estate sale when Linda brought me over there (off Beamer) last month.
I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was inside!  Everything you told us at the program was very much in evidence that you clean and empty out a house and leave a sparkling looking home waiting for a new owner.

Thank you again and take good care,
Linda Ziskind


Hi Jennie,
Thank you for the great e-sale this last weekend!  It was lots of fun and you couldn’t have been nicer to all your appreciative customers!  Keep up the good work of making shopping your sales a real pleasure!  You’re an angel!
Maxine Sherman.


Jennie and crew,

Thank you for all of your hard work!  My daughter and I attended the preview day for the 21st Street estate.  We were completely impressed with the way you organized everything from the rules and regulations, the hot coffee and food, to the porta potty!  You went out of your way to make all of the shoppers comfortable and cheerful while we waited for the sale to open.  All of your assistants were friendly (very important!) and helpful (from watching our things to loading our purchases into the van).  My best wishes to you and your crew for this New Year. We will definitely keep tuned to your sales in 2011!!!

Julie and Geneva Addison. 
Addison Endpapers. Oakland


Jennie’s sales are great!  They are clearly marked with signs at the major turns, staffed by friendly, helpful people, a port-a-potty is always included for long shopping days :) and the prices can’t be beat!

Thanks so much!


We have recently completed an estate sale with Ms. Krausse.  She and her team were responsive, through and professional in all aspects.  We recommend her and her team to anyone contemplating reducing a lifetime of collecting and saving.  We were in a situation where we had to respond quickly.  Ms. Krausse accommodated that requirement by rearranging her schedule and within a little over two weeks was able to organize and sell our treasures.  What didn’t sell was given a good home.  As a result we are now able to meet our deadline.  One last note, we had some items that she was uncomfortable pricing so at her expense brought in an appraiser to insure our treasures were priced appropriately.

Paul and Janine


Hi Jennie,
What a trooper you are.  You keep your word even when it costs you money. You keep a cheerful attitude, you seem to thrive on solving problems, and you make whatever the circumstances are to work.  Yet, this estate has to have been a challenge for even your indomitable spirit.  Yet you kept plugging and seemed so grateful for even the pittance of help I could offer. What a joy to work with a true professional.  Thank you.  Through, snow, cold, no heat, no hot water, rain, spiders, (too cold for snakes, thankfully), dust, mean spirited neighbors and ?… surely this estate heads the lists of nightmares.  But I never heard a complaint from you.  I will always recommend you to ANYONE I care about when it’s time for such a sale again and maybe you’ll actually make some money.  Thankfully for you, most of the rest of our friends live in nice neighborhoods close to town.

Thank you again. Words cannot express my gratitude.


Jennie did a wonderful job of liquidating my brother’s house after his untimely passing.  The house (which had been in the family since 1957), was entirely emptied and clean.  To my disbelief, this had all been accomplished on short notice, amazingly in 2 days.  She will remain on my favorite’s list on my web browser.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Dear Jennie,

Thank you so much for making a seemingly insurmountable task so simple and painless.  I admit we were skeptical when you said you could conduct the estate sale on such a short timeline (one week) and leave the house and garage totally clean and scrubbed, but I must admit you and your staff far surpassed our expectations.  Thank you, too, for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity in saving out family items for us that we had forgotten even existed.  It was so hard for us to even think about cleaning out and disposing of all my parents possessions and the memories that went with them, especially with my leg broken, but you and your staff not only completed the task in record time but also with such respect and courtesy that it was quite painless for us.  I would certainly be happy to recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of liquidation services.

Leora and Rick



In the world of contractors and service providers, there really aren’t that many that actually do what they say they will do. There are even fewer that do the agreed-upon job better than they said they would.  Jennie is one of these rarities.  It was not just that the staging, selling, emptying and cleaning was done so well (which it was).  The real value to me was the thoughtfulness and sensitivity she brought to the difficult task of cleaning out a parent’s home and the willingness to put the client’s interests ahead of hers.  I would recommend her without hesitation.

Larry W.


Dear Jennie:

Your services were beyond awesome!  With the passing of our Mother came the realization that we would need to clean out her house, which was overwhelming.  Every closet was packed from top to bottom as well as every cabinet.  The garage was even fuller.  Your top-notch organization skills and hard working staff did an amazing job.  The sale was organized and conducted without a hitch.  To top it all off by the very next day the house, garage and yard were completely cleared out and impeccably clean.  It would have taken us months to accomplish what you and your staff did in a short period of time.  We cannot thank you enough for the excellent services provided.  You have our wholehearted thanks and recommendation!

John and Wanda Dark


Jennie…..I was in a tight spot time-wise……that the sale transpired one week after we met to discuss the possibility was beyond my greatest hope.  Then you managed to be civil, engaged, sensitive and good humored at every turn in spite of the time crunch and what all else you had going on.  I remain amazed by how many balls you can juggle at one time.  Your high energy and near photographic memory serve us all well.  Thank you so much for a well conducted sale…..all the competent prep, friendly interaction with attendees, the success of the sale, and the phenominal clean up.  You are a hard worker and dig right in with your staff.  Your work ethic is to be admired and most certainly attributes to your success.



Jennie’s sales are great!  They are clearly marked with signs at the major turns, staffed by friendly, helpful people, a port-a-potty is always included for long shopping days :) and the prices can’t be beat!

Thanks so much!


Jennie and crew,

Thank you for all of your hard work!  My daughter and I attended the preview day for the 21st Street estate.  We were completely impressed with the way you organized everything from the rules and regulations, the hot coffee and food, to the porta potty!  You went out of your way to make all of the shoppers comfortable and cheerful while we waited for the sale to open.  All of your assistants were friendly (very important!) and helpful (from watching our things to loading our purchases into the van).  My best wishes to you and your crew for this New Year.  We will definitely keep tuned to your sales in 2011!!!

Julie and Geneva Addison.
Addison Endpapers.


Hi Jennie,

Thank you for the great e-sale this last weekend!  It was lots of fun and you couldn’t have been nicer to all your appreciative customers!  Keep up the good work of making shopping your sales a real pleasure!  You’re an angel!



I’ve lived in Sacramento for 30 years and have gone to lots of estate sales. Jennie’s sales are the best for several reasons:
1.) Her prices are fair.  They’re generally less expensive than other estate sales’ prices—but I’m sure she sells a lot more because with her prices, customers are encouraged to buy.
2.) Her sales are extremely well organized.
3.) She sets up an atmosphere of hospitality.  She sees to it that her customers feel welcome and comfortable in being at the sale.  She goes out of her way by setting out cookies or food so that her customers who come right from work can stay a while—rather than having to leave because they’re hungry.  She also has a Porta Potty on the premises.
4.) She writes a loving and positive story about the home, its former inhabitants and their history.  She interviews the descendants of the people who lived in the home and then writes the history of the people who lived there.  She could have been a wonderful writer, and is.  She always tells her customers what they can expect at the site and what’s special about the home and its contents.
5.) Jennie herself is a treat.  Always friendly, warm and down to earth, it’s a joy to be around her.
Anyone who wants to talk to one of her frequent customers can talk to me for an honest appraisal of Jennie’s sales.  I’ll tell you that there is no better organizer of estate sales than Jennie.

Linne Gravestock


Hi Jen,

I have to been hundreds of estate sales and have felt comfortable only at ones staged by you.  Well, maybe a couple of others, but none in the Sacramento area.  Friendliness, humor, on time openings, right prices, knowledge, and even refreshments are all there.  This can only be a plus for your clients and for the buyers.  I wish your team the very best and hope to see you doing many more sales.  Too bad you can’t do them all.  Best,
I hired Jennie to sell the contents of my mother’s house when we moved her to an assisted living setting.  This was a traumatic event in many respects.  Jennie made the entire process as easy as possible for us – easier than I could possibly have imagined.
Jennie is a very pleasant person – fun and cheerful to work with.  She was unbelievably organized and extremely skillful: if there were a course in planning estate sales, she should teach it.  Jennie also has a long list of people who are interested in all manner of things, from artwork to rugs to fine china.  Her contacts brought us much more extensive exposure for the items sold from the house than we ever could have managed on our own.  Jennie also took care of the less glamorous side of emptying out a home.  One onerous task was to clean the shed at the back of my mother’s yard, which had not been cleaned in decades.
Jennie just did a terrific job and made it painless for us, not to mention a nice profit on the many items sold.  Her process was very thorough: at the conclusion of the sale, we had an inventory of every item sold and its prices. And when all was said and done, she had emptied the house of its contents and cleaned it thoroughly.  Who could ask for more??!!

Gretchen Young


Hi Jennie!

I live across the street from Bea’s house.  I fully intended to come over and introduce myself to you last week, but while I was really busy running around and taking care of clients…..I honestly wasn’t ready to go through Bea’s things.  I am a Real Estate Agent in Woodland and I have to say,….I was so very impressed with your handling of that sale.  While I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, I was watching very carefully how you managed that sale and I wish I had known about you a couple of months ago.  I just had a huge two-generation estate sale for on of my clients that really was a disaster.  We were referred to a guy in Sacramento who it turns out, is extremely unprofessional and frankly…..I think he took a much larger cut than he had quoted and did not do anything that he said he was going to do.  Such a disappointment. Anyway…..long story short —- I will keep your info and be sure to call you the next time I am in need. If you want to send me some business cards, I will be happy to put them in the other Realtor’s boxes here, also!  We all need someone professional to refer to.  I think we have 17 agents in this office.  Oh — and thank you for the Starbucks card!   I used it this morning! You really appear to be a class act and I hope to be able to work with you in the future.

Thank you so much!


Dear Jenny, received your pkg. and check today, thank you dear lady.  You sure did real good.  Your helpers were great and did a great job!  I’d love to hear from you.  To all your help, “great job”, and to your daughter, a very special hello from me.  All my love for what you did and have yet to do.

Your friend,
Pat Blacknick


Hi Jennie, Thanks for all your help and referrals!  I just met with Joan this morning and she bought some stuff and seemed very nice.

Thanks again.
Sue Regan


Dear Jennie.

I cleaned out mom’s house as best I could but I needed help in the final step of permanent closure to a very loving home making it ready for the new owners.  You made me feel like I’ve known you for a long time except I couldn’t see you.  That is, until I needed your expertise.  Without a doubt, God put you in my life to help me at an emotionally charged time.  You clearly explained the steps how you conduct a one-day estate sale.  The time you gave me and your work ethic affirms your integrity.   You are truly a remarkable one-of-a-kind gifted person. Not only could I trust you, I loved your boundless energy, knowledge and positive attitude.  You left the house clean and to my delight, so was the potting shed!  Thank you!
You provide the service of angels.  I’m so grateful for all you did.  May you enjoy a long healthy and happy life.

God bless you, Sophie, and Misty.
Carol Warmerdamn


Hello, Jennie. Thanks for your help with mom’s home.  Such an overwhelming job for us and you simplified things.  Hope all goes well for you in future.

Barbara Hammond


Hello Jennie,

Just a word to let you know that I have been going to a number of other estate sales and wanted to let you know that you have the best service in town. Some of the places I have gone to are very unorganized, some had us wait for an hour only to get inside and see that the prices were nuts, and NOBODY had pizza and cold drinks.  I told other people about your service – some said they had been to your sales – and everybody was impressed at how you handle your presentations.  Thanks for what you do – and how you do it.  Just thought you’d like to know.  Take care and keep up the good work.

Lawrence and Akiko Klepinger of Sacramento


Thanks, Jennie, for all you did to clean the house.  Don, the realtor, said it looked very good.

Again, thank you,
Dorothy of Sacramento



Thank you so much!  You and your staff did an excellent job on liquidating my sister’s house.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.  You told me you could empty the house and get it cleaned in three days while I was in California and by gosh you did exactly that!  The house and yard looked beautiful.  I would recommend your company to anyone!  Thank you.  You took an emotional load off of me.

Warm regards,
Bonnie of Arizona


After moving to Merrill Gardens, I was worried for weeks about what to do with all the stuff I left behind in my house.  I had only a couple of weeks before the house was going on the market.  Jen and company told me they’d sell it all in a one day sale and that’s exactly what they did for me.  On a Monday the house and garage were full of stuff.  Late Tuesday evening it was totally empty and spotless.  My daughter and I were amazed at how clean they left it.  I will recommend them to anyone needing to empty a house quickly and professionally.

Jeslyn Sauer of Sacramento


Hi Jennie,

We want to sincerely express our extreme gratitude to both of you for doing such an incredible job on my uncle’s estate sale.  It was quite far from Sacramento and I know it must have caused some logistics problems for you and all your workers.  You were so flexible and accommodating that it made planning the sale much easier for us.  When our attorney contacted me to say that she couldn’t confirm the date of the sale because you were too quick for her, it provided us with some amusement.  You changed the date of the sale not once, but twice.  Attorneys do not move quickly!  Your assistant was especially diligent in preparing the sale, and kept us moving as well, during that day we were at the house trying to make sense out of the hundreds of items we needed to display.  He’s an ace at organizing chaos.  He’s also quite adept at producing high quality videos that make a sale come alive. When we viewed the video we kept commenting on how good everything in the house looked.  The biggest surprise was saved for a month after the sale was concluded.  We hadn’t been able to get back up to my uncle’s home, so when we walked into the garage, then into the house, we were absolutely amazed at how clean everything was.  The garage was completely cleared and swept out, even the attic, which was a feat in itself, and the house was spic and span as well.  We found the few items we had asked you to save for family members, and they were safe and carefully packed.  All we had to do was put them in our vehicle and take them home.  This was so helpful, and we appreciate the time it took you to select those particular items we asked you to set aside and pack for us.  We think you your crew are the best estate liquidators ever, and I’m speaking as one who regularly attends your sales as well as one who has needed your expert services.  I’ve recommended you to other people needing help in clearing estates, and I know they have been just as relieved and pleased as we were.  Thank you both for doing a great job, and doing it with much expertise and unfailingly good humor.

Nancy and Jeff of Sacramento


Once in a blue moon, you meet uniquely gifted people like Jeanne Krause who have found their calling and arrived at some divine station in life.  To say that Jennie and her team are consummate pros would be criminally understated.  I cannot articulate in words how much I appreciated having Jennie ease into my life at the worst possible time, and somehow manage the whole affair with the sensitivity of the Red Cross and precision of Navy Seals.

Bravo, Jennie. Absolutely flawless performance.
Dave of Sacramento


Jen, I am absolutely THRILLED with the tribute, the pictures, and the video.  What a gift you and your crew have, and what a wonderful way to “express” someone.  Thank you so much! I’m also very happy that the video was done. Tom and I just HUNG over the computer, examining each picture and second of the video.  It’s such a remembrance of BJ and of all the weekends we spent there unearthing things!  Thank you SO MUCH for an incredible job of explaining and displaying BJ’s life in such a beautiful way. Take care!

Jeanette of Rancho Cordova



Thank you very much for the time you have taken for complete strangers.  It is nice to know there are still good people out there.  We shall pay it forward!

Ed & Alberta of Sacramento


I’m a fairly cynical and jaded man, Jen, and the process of having lots of people I didn’t know rummaging around the house and through its contents was a tad odd, and I felt the possibility of being ripped-off in one manner or other by one person or other was high, so surrendering my trust was more difficult than surrendering the actual stuff.  It turns out my cynicism was unwarranted, and I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided.  Your experience, energy, knowledge, and organizational skills were on clear display, and you delivered exactly what you said you would: We earned a nice little chunk of change and, within a day of the actual sale, everything that we had wanted gone was indeed gone.  With only a few days of advertising and in unusually cold weather, we still had a lot of traffic on sale day, thanks in part, I’m sure, to the large list of regulars you were able to contact.  Also, cash was in our hands less than 24 hours after the sale concluded, along with the itemized list of purchases, which we have both found pretty interesting to pursue.  It was a job very well done, Jennie, and that includes all work done by your crew (Anne and I could never have staged things as attractively as they did) who were terrific throughout.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you and yours, and thanks again for such a quality job. Sincerely,
Jordan Pratt of Rocklin


Dear Jennie

I got into estate sales after I lost my high school teaching job because of Stage IV throat cancer and the radical surgery I endured.  Teachers without voices are not in demand these days.  After 6 months of watching endless re-runs of Richard Dawson and Family Feud my wife said I should find something I like to do and go do it.  Well, I had bought stuff on eBay for years, but had never sold anything.  So I figured the time had come and I gave it a shot.  I posted a Beatles tape I bought for $3.00 when I worked at AMPEX during college and it sold for $125.00.  I was hooked.  I do over 1,000 auctions a year now.  I first started selling all the packed away collections and misc. stuff I had.  Then I started going to garage sales.  One day, I came across an Estate Sale and bought some stuff.  I eventually ended up on the preferred lists and quickly found that in 15 minutes at an estate sale I could find more good, marketable stuff than in 4 hours at garage sales.  So my business plan was set.  I go to all the professional estate sales in the area.  I can say without hesitation that you are the best and there are many reasons for that.  Reasons that get 150-200 people to your sales waiting for when you first open are:
1.  You host the most sales and sales with a lot of classy stuff.  By far and away, you are the busiest.
2. Your sales are fun and you treat us with great respect.  The portapotties, the food, the water, the shade in the summer.  All of these things are really appreciated by us even if we forget to tell you from time to time.
3.  Your website communications.  I anxiously await each new sale so I can read about the person whose stuff we will be looking at.  At all other sales, we know nothing.  I find it adds to the enjoyment and occasionally the value, particularly in the military stuff.
I then go through the photos detail by detail.  It lets me know whether this is a sale that I should go to 1 hour early or 4 hours early.  I download the photos and print them out as a guide to the sale.
Finally, I love the videos.  I generally keep my computer on mute, but not for your videos.  I crank the volume up and enjoy the music and appreciate how it relates to the sale.  I watch the video frame by frame and glean more tips on what to look for.  By the time I get to your sale, I am ready to go!
4.  Your prices are the best of all the estate sale companies.  You understand that the preferred customers are mostly dealers and we can’t pay $90 for something we can only sell for $100.  There are a couple of dealers that don’t get that and I don’t even bother going to their sales.
5.  You don’t drag stuff that doesn’t sell to the next sale like some companies do.  That gets old.  You also don’t have a store.  Companies that do routinely pick out desirable items and put them straight into their store.  They charge higher prices at their estate sales knowing that they can always take what’s left to the store.
6.  Finally, you are a person whose word is their bond.  You stand by what you say and are unquestionably honest.  You don’t play favorites such as letting in a dealer to buy all the silver the day before the sale.  And everybody waits their turn whether they are gong to buy $5 or $500.  You open on time, every time.  There is one dealer who is ALWAYS 15/+ minutes late and doesn’t care that is really angers people.
To summarize, you are simply the best.  And that’s not just my opinion, everyone feels that way.

Thanks for all you do,


Hi Jennie,

I am Carolyn, the youngest daughter of Randy and Jeanette May and was actually the one who did the research to find your website and recommend your company’s services to the rest of the family.  I just want to tell you – I am so pleased!  My brother, Parky, let me know that this morning was a huge success.  I personally just finished watching the videos on the website – I was charmed and delighted to see everything staged so beautifully.  This will leave a very happy memory with me, after some challenging times in dealing with the house and contents.  Many, many thanks.  I am an internationally known expert on internet safety and internet safety education.  For the past couple of years I have also been doing website evaluation for Google Inc. – I evaluate things like credibility, user-friendliness, matching of actual services to advertising and relevant user-searches – things like that.  Anyway, I looked over about 8 sites for our sale.  There are some other good sites too, but yours does, in my mind, far and away the best in demonstrating superiority, in not only the usual evaluation points, but also in it’s appeal to families who may be grieving and unsure of what “next steps” to take.  AND as the owner of 4, yes-they-come-in-the-house border collies, I love “Misty’s View” and the fact that you also handle pet placement.  I adopted my parents’ 2 cats!

Best wishes for the future!
Carolyn of Idaho


Dear Jennie,

We, “the May children,” want to thank the Jennie Krausse Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation Services for the extraordinary job done on the handling of the liquidation of our parents’ estate.  Great care was taken to help us through this very difficult family time, as well as to meet the challenges of this estate liquidation.  The wonderful staging presented 50 years worth of travel mementos, collectibles and household “goods,” in tasteful memory of our parents’ life together.  The web presentation displayed further testament to the impeccable work done by your company.  Jennie and her team were ready for anything as the sale progressed, meeting every challenge with grace and professionalism.  We are truly thankful for the hard work put forth by this team and give this company our highest recommendation.

Most Sincerely,
Carolyn Walpole, Eleanor Rasmussen, & Parky May of Sacramento


Thank you for handling my Mother’s sale.  Though it wasn’t a full estate sale, more of a large downsizing, you still handled it with professionalism, care, and diligence.  We were very satisfied with the results.  My husband was surprised at the amount of money my Mom made off the sale.  He complimented you on keeping your costs down and we were both impressed by the number of bonifide buyers that came to the sale on such short notice.  You weren’t exaggerating when you said you had a large client buyer base.  Good job!  We will recommend your services in the future.  And good job on the cleaning up afterwards!

Thanks again,
Julianne & Dave Beadle, of Elk Grove


When my beloved mother passed away, deciding what to do with her 52 years old collection of beautiful fabrics and yarns, plus keepsakes lovingly stowed for two generations was overwhelming.  Mom had been an accomplished seamstress for most of her life and had accumulated vast amounts of beautiful fabrics, buttons, threads, etc.  All the small bits left of her skillful works filled her house.  The thought of presenting all the bits and pieces of Mom’s life for strangers to pick over was too daunting to face. Jennie Krausse and her wonderful team promised that they would come in and treat all of the belongings left behind with respect, and that her legacy would be lovingly presented to buyers who would value them.  Jennie kept her word.  Even though the family had taken anything of dollar value from the house, Jennie treated and staged my mother’s “stuff” with care.  She did everything she promised that she would—cleaned up the house and left it in pristine condition.  She made the transition so much more bearable for me at a time when I felt drowned by the weight of caring for Mom’s estate.  Thanks to Jennie and her wonderful team of caring professionals, I can now face the rest of caring for what is left of my mother’s estate.  She has made the process so much more bearable and it now seems “do-able.”

Thank you, Jennie and team.


Miracles were performed at my mother’s home by Jennie and her team!  After the sale, the house was returned to me in immaculate condition.  Everything that defined my mother’s life “always a child at heart”, was gone and our family was so relieved that we did not have to make the painful decisions of what to keep and what we could not keep from the 65 years of collections and retentions of all meaningful things from all of our pasts.  Jennie and her team work from the heart and the finished product is truly impressive.  Long hours and lots of hard cleaning went into making a very small house packed with “goodies” sale ready before the keys were returned to us.  Kudos’, thank you and job well done from my family and me!!!!

Thank you I would be glad to give my recommendation for your professionalism and expertise at anytime.
Sandy Myers of Sacramento


We were more than pleased with the results of your handling from start to finished of our estate sale.  It was done very tastefully and a professional manner.  You and your staff did a fantastic job in cleaning up after the sale. We could not believe how nice everything looked from the garage to the house as it was spic and span.  Thanks again for doing an awesome job! You are number one in this business.

Karen and Larry Nave of Carmichael


My mother passed away recently leaving her cozy little home stuffed full of forty years of personal items and loving memories.  We had the difficult task of deciding how to handle my mother’s cherished keepsakes and belongings.  Our family members chose those items that were special to them as a fond reminder of this very special lady.  When the decision was reached to hold an estate sale, we consulted a host of companies advertising these types of services.  Frankly, I did not like the idea of strangers roaming around my mother’s home poking into closets and drawers looking for bargains.  Our selection process was rigid as we were seeking a company with a proven record of successful sales, a reputation for honesty, square dealing, and above all a group that would demonstrate dignity and care of our beloved mother’s home and possessions.  Jennie Krausse Estate Liquidation (www.estatesalehelp.com) was the only candidate to meet all of our qualifications.  After careful consideration, we inked a contract with Jennie and were delighted with the results.  She and her staff delivered far above our expectations.  The sale was a success; Jennie and crew were reliable, prompt and efficient.  The staging of the home was magnificent and so artfully presented in the state-of-art video available on her web site.  Best of all, Jennie treated my mom’s home and possession with respect and loving care.  I know my mother would have approved and thanked Jennie for her thoughtfulness and kindness and welcomed her as a new friend.

We recommend Jennie and company without reservations and welcome any inquiries regarding her services.
Thomas N. Kranig of Sacramento


Jennie, This note is to thank you and your team for the wonderful job of presenting the home furnishings in our estate sale.  In addition, you left the premises completely cleaned up which is especially appreciated.

Rosemary Bingham of Sacramento



Thanks for all your effort and expertise handling our Mother’s personal property.  We all really appreciate everything you have done for our family.

Thanks again,
Rob of Sacramento


On behalf of my family, I wanted to express our appreciation for your consideration and the professionalism shown by you and your staff.  We never imagined there would be that much interest, and the results of your sale have absolutely overwhelmed us.  Please know that we are most enthusiastically telling our friends and associates about your incredible service.  Again, thank you so much for everything.

Thanks so much.
Jim Hollenback of Sacramento


Can you believe one week before Christmas and my house was full of personal belongings and I needed help.  Calling Jennie was an answered prayer.  Her enthusiasm and organizational talents readied my home for the estate sale, and what a remarkable estate sale it was.  Not only were all items sold, Jennie and her crew completely cleaned the inside and outside of my home.  Its ready to put on the market.  I’m so thankful for Jennie Krausse and her Crew.

Erma Cole and Family of Sacramento



Thank you for handling my Mother’s Estate Sale.  Events happened so quickly for us.  With only a few days to clear her house my husband and I truly had our backs against a wall.  Time was of the essence.  With your help our deadlines were achieved and the house was ready for the new owners. Your assistants did a remarkable job getting everything ready for the sale. We know you had a previously scheduled sale and we especially appreciate your finding a way to fit us in when your schedule was already full.  We needed help.  You came through.  We were fortunate to find you.  You are a professional in every way.

Thank You, Thank You!
Colleen and Richard of Sacramento


As trustee of a multi-million dollar trust, I needed an honest, efficient, and seasoned professional to handle the estate sale for one of the properties in the trust.  I turned to Jennie Krausse.  Her skillful appraisal of the sale items impressed me—Jennie clearly knows her stuff!  Her swiftness in getting the job done was remarkable.  In less than a week, she set up and completed the sale, gave me a check for the proceeds, and left the house neat and clean. And during the sale, the way she handled buyers showed me that she truly had my best interests in mind.  It appeared that one of the buyers staged a fall, with the intention of making the trust liable for damages, but Jennie witnessed what happened and headed off a lawsuit.  I am truly grateful for Jennie’s services.  I recommend, without any reservation, that you hire her for your estate sale.

Elvira Orly, The Orly Law Firm, Inc.



From the minute I happened upon your website and browsed the “What the Hell is that?”, “Estate Sale Myths” and “Critters Corner” , I was immediately drawn to your services.  You are incredibly responsive, replying immediately and acting quickly to get everything ready.  Being completely new to the concept of an “Estate Sale” , you put my worries at ease and saved our family from what would have been a very difficult and stressful process.  Thanks for explaining everything so well and being so patient and organized.  I appreciated you and the team going the extra mile including sending/storing items you felt had meaning, providing contacts for carpet cleaning and other services.  You did an amazing job and I would like to provide the highest level recommendation to others in need of your services!

Thanks Again!
Cindy of San Jose


I would like to thank you for your estate work on my parent’s home.  I know you spent many hours of researching and pricing items.  You were very professional and the neighbors even left thank you’s on the door to let us know how much you minimized disturbance to the neighborhood during the sale days.  My husband and I appreciate your assistance that made it easier for us during a stressful time.  You were very thorough and gave us good advice.  It would have taken us a much longer time period and resources to do the work you did.  The house was left empty and clean so that we were able to easily begin the next process of listing the house for sale.

Thanks again,
Sandy of Meadow Vista


Jennie and crew,

The Mori Family would like to thank you and your crew for the amazing service you provided us as we struggled to take care of the estate that our parents left us.  Your boundless energy, fantastic organizational skills, and your caring attitude eased this process.  We are forever grateful that our friend recommended you to us, and we will gladly forward our recommendation to all our extended family and friends.  Your service is so complete—from sorting, pricing, and staging the items, down to the details of thanking and acknowledging the patience of our neighbors after the sale days.  You left all of us very impressed.

We wish you both the best,
Brian, Joan, Kerry, & Randy of Sacramento


Dear Jennie,

You and your crew are a formidable team: professional and efficient, yet caring and compassionate.  Your attention to detail is without equal…from your carefully crafted presentation of the life behind an estate through to the notes you leave for neighbors, thanking them for their forbearance with the crowds you generate for your sales.  I’m deeply grateful for all this, as well as for the clean condition in which you left the house.  Thank you for everything, and may your business continue to thrive.  Yours is a service in the fullest sense of the word.

Alice of Sacramento


Jennie, thank you for everything.  I appreciate all that you did for me in the short 10 days that you did it in.  I was absolutely amazed how everything worked out.  You and your crew are absolutely wonderful and angels.  You all did a phenomenal job in cleaning up the apartment.  It looked almost new.  I hope that property management will be happy with your efforts.  Thank you for sending the things that you were able to find for me.  A few things of memories will be better then none at all.  Material things don’t mean a lot to me anymore, just family and friends are the important things anymore.  Once again, thank you for everything.

Daniel of Sacramento


Hi Jennie, Just wanted to say thanks for how well the clear out of the house went.  I couldn’t quite believe that everything had gone and the house was so clean.  We would definitely recommend your services to anyone.

Many thanks,
Will Allen of Sacramento


Wow!  What an amazing day.  Thank you so much for you positive attitude and energy.  I feel so good knowing you will respectfully find new homes for my dear mothers treasures.  See you and your amazing crew tomorrow!

Carol of Sacramento



I just went to your website and read the creative way you lead into the sell of my sister’s things.  Your description of them and their lives was so real.  How did you obtain your information?  You really know your business and I’m very impressed with what you have done.  Thanks for helping us out during this time of emotional stress.  You’re a real godsend.

Linda of Sacramento


Thank you so much for all you did for us.  You really provide such an important service to society.  Overall everything was wonderful and we do so appreciate your enthusiasm and efficiency.  You have been an absolute delight to work with.  Thank you so much for taking such a load off of our minds.

With Warm Regards,
Nancy of Sacramento


Amazing is the word I think of when I think of all you do to help people.  You and all of your staff did an amazing job of helping us with the estate sale.  You delivered on all of your promises and went far beyond great customer service.

Thank you!
Kathy of Sacramento


Jennie and crew,

I want to thank you for taking on the challenge of liquidating the assets of my Mother’s home.  You did such a great job.  It is so nice to know that there are people out there that you can trust with such an emotional task.  Please know that you have a gift.  We all eventually find ourselves in a “season” of our lives where we have to deal with things that are difficult and overwhelming, I am so grateful that you were there.  It was absolutely a pleasure to meet and work with you both.

Thank you again!
Donna of Sacramento


Dear Jennie,

You and your crew did an amazing job, it was such a relief to walk in and see everything immaculate.  You saved us from what would have been a very difficult and stressful process, it went smoothly and exactly as you stated. You said don’t worry and you were so right.  This has been a tough time and your gentle consideration for our situation was greatly appreciated.

Thank you again,
M&R of Sacramento



I would like to say what a pleasure it was to work with you.  From the moment we met you were so professional.  I really appreciate your attention to detail. You were upfront with us in what the cost would be and explained in detail the whole procedure so there would be no surprises.

I will definitely recommend your services to any of my clients or friends who require your service.

Barbara Dow of Sacramento


Jen and crew did an excellent job liquidating the personal property located in my deceased father’s house.  They were friendly, efficient, organized, and did their work in a timely and professional manner.  I was very impressed with the service that they provided, and would recommend them to a friend without reservation.  They made a difficult project seem very easy!

Jim H. of Rocklin


Jennie and her staff did a remarkable job and compassionate job with my estate sale in 2003.  I lost both my parents within 5 months, and she helped me deal with the disposition of part of their belongings.  We still keep in touch and I admire her business and work ethic.

Lilliana of Tahoe Park


Jenny Krause and her team are simply amazing.  In only one week we went from a home filled with a lifetime of items, to a professionally staged estate sale with almost two thousand buyers, to every item being sold for a fair price and a clean and empty house.  I am so pleased with the work they did – simply amazing.

Eric of South Land Park


Hi Jennie, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to help our family sort and price all of our family “treasures”.  Not knowing anything about estate sales made the task of cleaning out my family’s home seem more than just a little overwhelming.  You were so kind to come in and help give us direction (we were totally lost) and help with the heavy decisions that were keeping me up at night.  Your honest opinions and vast knowledge made us feel that we were in very good hands.  I would also like to thank all of the very kind, wonderful people that received your e-mail and came over to the house.  They all had great things to say about you and the services you provide to your customers.  We know that we would not have had the success that we had with out your help and have recommended you to several friends.  Thank you so much.

Gary and Laurie Duran of South Land Park


Dear Jennie,.

My sister and I would like everyone to know how much you and your employee’s made such a sad situation so much easier for us.  We had so little time to finalize our sister and brother-in-laws estate and you were so very professional when dealing with all our needs and frustration.  Though we live in Missouri we knew from the moment we met you that everything would be handled perfectly..

Thanks again for all your help.
Liz & Linda from Missouri


We had a few nice items to sell and other estate sale/liquidators didn’t see enough profit to bother with us.  When we contacted Jennie Krausse, she immediately decided she would help, sight unseen.  By the next week, she had sold our items and sent us a check.  Jennie is a caring business woman and we commend her for putting people over profit..

The Chan Family, Roseville


I was Trustee for my favorite aunt during the last days of her life.  After she died, I was concerned about selling my aunt’s property and household effects so I would get the most revenue for all of the heirs from sale of my aunt’s worldly holdings.  It was at this point that I found Jennie Krausse, and I’m so thankful I did.  Jennie not only empathized with our loss, but she also patiently guided me through the entire estate sale process.  She explained what needed to be done to achieve maximum revenue from the sale and what needed to be discarded or donated.  Before the event, she marked each sale item, and I was impressed with her skill and expertise in estimating value.  As a result, she helped me achieve all of the goals set down by my aunt before her death.  Because of Jennie and her team, we realized the most revenue from the estate sale, and the house was emptied and then quickly cleaned.  Neighbors commented that Jennie Krausse made the whole process look smooth and seamless.  I thank God that Jennie was there when I needed her.  She is a true professional and someone whom you, too, can count on for your own successful estate sale.  I highly recommend Jennie Krausse to you.  She can do the job.  And she does it well.

Robert Brenner, MSEE, MSSM, Curtis Park
President, Brenner Information Group


Jenny and team did a fantastic job on an estate sale for my parents’ home. This was a family home of 40 years and while most would consider its belongings to be very average, to my family our things were very important. Jennie’s team did a beautiful job of laying things out in themes – the sporting good area, the wedding area, the bedding area, etc.  They priced every single thing and this involved a huge amount of work.  It would have taken our family months and months to do the same work – and we were trying to get the house rented so we did not have that much time.  I really appreciated Jennie’s personal service, attention to detail, and follow through.  As described, they left the house completely and totally empty and tidy.  Many thanks to this team!

Susan, Sacramento


Dear Jennie,

I’d like to thank you for handling our estate sale.  Your years of experience has enabled you to provide very thorough and efficient services for a fair price.  Like most, I didn’t want to handle any of it–and you made that possible.  From the set up and planning to the final removal of all items. Thank you again and best to you.

Darcy, Napa


When my dear friend Roberta died, leaving a huge collection of things she had acquired during her long life, it was an absolute blessing that Jennie and her team came in to handle the estate sale.  Not only do they have a depth and breadth of knowledge about china, silver, books, furniture, jewelry, art — you name it — they conducted the sale with the utmost respect for the belongings that represented Roberta’s life, and for Roberta and her family as well.  They cleaned, polished, inventoried, and displayed for sale thousands of items, working diligently and cheerfully.  When the sale was over, they disposed of everything left over, donating whatever was still useful and throwing away what was not, and left the house empty and clean.  Their honesty and integrity are above reproach.  Best of all, over the course of two weeks, they finished a job that would have taken me a year to do on my own. I cannot recommend them highly enough and will be forever grateful for their help!

Kris Harper, East Sacramento



Viv and I appreciate all the work that you did to run our estate sale but more importantly, to get the house ready for sale.  As a direct result of the hard work and the excellent clean up, we are now in the final stages of selling the house.

All the best.
Jim Parks, North Carolina


Thanks for handling everything so efficiently and in such an efficient manner. Our family would never have been able to accomplish this outcome in the time frame allotted.

Kathryn, Sacramento


Jennie, My parent’s and I thank you for organizing and selling 87+ years of accumulation, and then cleaning the house and yard.  It was a huge job and you accomplished it in less than a week!  We are pleased with the outcome and will recommend you to others.

Tim Skaggs, Chico


When Shirley’s cousin Douglas passed away we were left to handle his estate.  Living 500 miles away, this was a tough task.  Since this estate had to go through probate, everything in the estate: car, motorcycle, home, and its contents had to be sold.  We kept the home furnished until it was sold.  A 30 day escrow was requested so a timely estate sale was a necessity.  A relative recommended Jennie to help us with the sale.  Our first contact with Jennie we knew she was perfect for the job.  Jennie and her team were a God send. She told us she could handle it even with her booked up calendar. Everything she promised she delivered.  Three weeks after our initial contact she had inventoried the house contents, made sale fliers, made a movie for a website, organized and displayed all items in the house, sold and dispersed all items, thoroughly cleaned the house and garage so the owners could move in the next day.  Her team was extremely professional, likable, organized and a joy to work with.  She treated us and her customers with complete respect and courtesy.  We highly recommend and thank you Jennie

Shirley and Merle Johnson, Southern California


Jennie, and the rest of the staff are caring, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy and do not stop until the job is complete…
With that said, I have to add that the words “thank you” just aren’t enough to convey the gratitude I have for all of these people.  My dad’s belongings were in California and I was in Texas.  I just don’t know how I could have handled it all if I hadn’t found Jennie.  She and her staff took care of everything including a last minute change of venue for the sale in which they had to literally pack everything up (an entire household!), find a place to rent, relocate, re-advertise and re-stage the sale.  They left my dad’s residence perfectly empty and clean.  Jennie knew I was trying to handle other things here in Texas and (with my blessing and undying gratitude) she forged ahead and did what needed to be done.  She packed up and shipped things that I asked her to keep for me and took care of having a very large old stereo console, some family portraits, and miscellaneous other large items crated and shipped to me as well.  If you need someone you can trust to take care of selling your, your parent’s, or other loved one’s precious possessions, these are the people you need; but trust me, you’re going to end up with more. You’re going to end up with new friends.

Thank you Jennie et al.
Ann, Texas


When my father passed away, we were left with a house full of furniture, antiques and everyday items.  We felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do with everything and how to sell it all.  Fortunately, I already knew Jennie and gave her a call.  Jennie assured us they could handle selling the whole estate and she wisely advised us “don’t throw anything away!”  By the time Jennie and her crew finished our estate sale, the house was empty and clean and ready to put on the market the next day.  We made more money than we had imagined we would without the added stress of doing it ourselves.

Thanks again, Jennie!
John, Sacramento


Jennie I don’t know what I would have done without you.  I was so overwhelmed with the funeral and everything else going on that I felt lost. Jennie rescued me.  I wasn’t looking to make money, but I did.  She did more than I ever dreamed would have been done in an estate sale.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was amazed at how move-in-ready the estate house. My advice is: Don’t hesitate to call upon her service.  I will remember her forever and be so grateful for all she did for me.  Also, I would like to thank her crew.

Jennie you’re the best,
Susan of South Land Park


We can’t thank Jennie and “the crew” enough for the great job you did here recently.  You were all a ray of sunshine and we were lucky to have found you.  Your abilities were absolutely professional in every sense of the word; but more than that was your real care and concern for our entire family.  David was so ill at the time and all your people were so careful to hold the noise to a minimum and not disturb him.  We so appreciated that.  It’s very rare in this day and age to find that quality in business people.

David, Ben and Barb of Elk Grove


Jennie, I wanted to say what a great sale!! (I’m the gal who bought the red suit case.) I wanted to thank you and your crew who create a great fun atmosphere to shop in and that is so important.  I also wanted to say how great everything was displayed.  I know this lady had impeccable taste and nice things, but you guys did a great job pricing and putting it all together.  I say, bravo to you!!



You guys are terrific!  How can Ellen and I begin to thank you for your help, sensitivity, professionalism, and the endless hours spent selling Aunt Barbara’s precious belongings.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  It was a difficult time for us for many reasons and your friendship on top of everything was so appreciated.

Susie of Citrus Heights


I want to thank you so much for all the care, sensitivity and hard work that you all gave in helping us empty my mom’s home last month.  We truely could not have done it without all of you, you were wonderful.  We are so grateful to have gotten to know each of you and we look forward to maintaining a friendship.

With our sincere thanks,
Don & Ellen of Citrus Heights


You see, we know you do this to make a living for you and your daughter, but you also are doing more than ‘making money’.  You’re building friendships and strengthening relationships with people who have a common goal – even if your dreams and motivations differ.  So, the answer to the question ‘will it all be worth it in the end?’ is a resounding ‘yes’.

Best wishes my friend.
Nube Aduff


The service you provide is incredibly valuable.  I hope you are well compensated in the end.

Joce, Land park


Dear Jennie,

My mom and I came yesterday to your Citrus Heights sale and it was wonderful!!  We want to thank you so much for giving us a wonderful discount on our items, particularly the La Tour Eiffel handbags.  We were tremendously embarrassed when we came up short on your generous price since neither of us remembered our checkbooks.  We were $10 short and I would like to pay you for it.  Please send me a mailing address and I will get a check in the mail right away.  Again, thank you so much for the wonderful sale and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Kelly, Sacramento


Thank you for all of the work you have done over the past few years that I have been acquainted with you and your sales.  I appreciate your frankness, your wonderful attitude, and the fairness with which you treat everyone.  I’m glad I’m still on your e-mail good list, and can participate in some of your sales.  From someone I doubt you know, thanks and keep up the good work and smiles.

Satisfied Buyer


As luck would have it, my sisters and I met Jennie when we put our parents’ house on the market.  She stopped by to look at the house in Land Park as we were trying to sort out a ton of stuff to have a garage sale.  Jennie told us she did estate sales for a living and we hired her on the spot.  She was so professional, knew her stuff, conducted the sale and hauled things away. During a very stressful time, we had so much fun and many laughs with Jennie as she organized the estate sale.  We have remained friends and that was over ten years ago!  Whenever anyone we know needs a service like hers, we always say we know the perfect person who is honest, trustworthy, and wonderful.  We’d hire her again in a minute!

Love and Hugs,
Peter and Nancy of Land Park


To Jennie the Renaissance lady,

To a dear newly found friend who is running a remarkable estate sale of our remaining home furnishings and who has treated us so royaly during the past week.

Henry J Cavigli of Land Park


Dear Jen,

We are so blessed that you were recommended to do our estate sale, we would never have met otherwise.  From the first day it was as though we were family.  We love you and Sophie like a daughter and a granddaughter.

With love,
Loree of Land Park


Jennie is honest, reliable, and a hard worker.  You can depend on her for accurate pricing and a very smooth sale.  My clients have been very happy with her estate liquidation services.  Not only does she do an excellent job, but when she is done the house is clean and tidy.  I would highly recommend her.

Sheila Van Noy of South Land Park
Windermere Dunnigan


In 2003, Jennie Krausse handled the estate sale of my father’s house for me, and I had very limited time since my home is in Alaska.  Fortunately she was incredibly fast at set-up, handled the sale completely and smoothly, and within one week the house was empty and ready for the realtor to list, and I had my check in hand for the proceeds.  It was totally worry-free for me after an extremely stressful several months.  I can’t recommend her enough.

Judy Rae Smith of Fairbanks, Alaska and Silver City, New Mexico


Jen’s straight forward, professional approach to dealing with my parent’s estate and liquidating their cherished possessions made a difficult task for me much easier.  I feel she is someone you can trust.

J. Zeller of Midtown


I really would not have known what I would have done if I did not have Jennie and Company there to save the day!  Being stressed out with aiding an elderly parent, and a family with two small children, there is no way in the world that I would have survived the whole ordeal!  Her business literally saved me time, money and not to mention the added stress.  After all, STRESS does irreparable damage and can kill a person!  I highly recommend this company for all of your estate sale needs!

Michele and Mabel (the elderly parent, who is forever indebted to Jennie and her staff) of Riverpark


I was very happy with her work and having to do it over again she’d be the first one I’d hire to do my job.

Bob Brooks of South Sacramento
Owner of Brooks Electric


Thank goodness for Jennie’s great services in liquidating our mother’s gargantuan collections of every kind.  She was 7 months pregnant, it was July and August and every bit of this stuff was up a flight stairs.  She brought help, boxes, and made (who knows) how many 60 mile round trips.  Her ability to look, assess value, move it, pay right away and do it all with such good humor and panache is still in our hearts.  My sister and I are still recommending her services to this day!

Retta Gilbert of Davis, CA


Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness in helping me go through our things and get settled.



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