Thursday March 28th

Another Sacramento Estate Sale From The Girls!

Howdy there!
This email is being sent for Gay and the girls…it is important to note I am not going to be at the sale nor will I be coming down to visit, so I am in hopes that this email finds you all well and invites you to shop from their sale and get your fill of treasures as well as junk!!!
The following email has been sent to me from Gay, and I am sharing it with you!

Thursday March 28th 9am-4pm

Just a hop, skip and a jump across the river takes you to a wonderful estate with many items for all of your needs. 
From garden-art to household items, there is something 
for everyone at this sale. 
There will be electron

ics, furniture, holiday decorations 
and so much more to dig through. 
We will open at 9am with hot coffee. 
At 12 pm everything will be 50% off. 
At 2 pm almost everything will be $1. 
At 3 pm boxlot will begin. Please bring your own boxes. 
Finally, at 4 pm remaining items will be free. 
The address is  
2892 Pitzer Circle, West Sacramento, CA 95691. 
We need to empty this house so the owner can move to her new home. 
The house will be for sale and I think this is a wonderful home 
worthy of consideration for buying. 
Hope to see you there. 
Once again, this email is from Gay and the girls. 
I cannot help you with the sale or any information about it. 
I would LOVE for you all 
to stop by and see them and give them all a big kiss for me. 
Gay’s phone contact is 916-803-8970 if you have any 
questions at all.
We are still LOVING the Oregon Coast and enjoying each moment of life out of the city. My heart is with all of you and hoping the very best for good days ahead~

Great vinyl collection! Many promos and DJ copies. Armed forces transcriptions. All records in great condition, some sealed.

Thanks once more for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and pooches