What a Great Digger This Sale Has Turned Out To Be!

Thursday June 7th 9am-4pm 
4623 Boyce Drive Sacramento 95823
This sale is yet to be prepped or put together for you to shop. We will be posting the exact address in a few days. Just make a note to come and shop with us this Thursday in the south area around Florin Rd and Franklin to see one of the most eclectic art and travel collections we have ever shared with you in one home. I love everything about this lady and her life. My belief is, so will you! Make room for us on your calendar and we will see you all then. One day only this week. We are still recovering from the past 5 weeks of double sales. Whew!

This house is chock full of creative talent and artistic pleasures. Between her supplies, paintings, pottery as well as all the creations she bought from traveling around the globe, this collection is wonderful to view, touch and own. You will love everything from the rustic primitives out in the yard and garden sheds to the fine handwoven textiles and vintage costumes from all over South America. You have never enjoyed a day out shopping as much as you will enjoy this one! We will update photos once we have time to stage the home for you to shop inside of it. Check back later in the week. Discounts are as usual. All will be posted soon. New photos will be posted as well.

Lovingly shared by the family

Beryl’s life was all about art and people—she loved to learn, to teach, to create, to collect, to experience.

Her home was a testament to her passion for other cultures and the art they create whether it was jewelry, textiles, paintings, ceramics, masks—she loved them all.

As a teacher, she encouraged all her students to fearlessly explore and experiment with technique and materials. Her art classes were always filled to capacity with both experienced artisans and novices.

She was also the keeper of her family’s rich history in California. Antiques from the family homestead shared space with artifacts from her own travels as well as her well-traveled brother. She surrounded herself with art and creative things that were beautifully designed and hand crafted.

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