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“Precious Dens Animal Hospice”

Most of you already know that we are hosting our annual fundraiser Sunday October 16th from 4pm-8pm at Kobasic’s Candy at 5324 Riverside Blvd Sacramento Ca 95822. The fundraiser will include 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s Danceband music, Mexican Cuisine and refreshments all for the low donation price of $20 per person 16 yrs old older and free children entrance with adults (maximum one child per each paying adult please). We will hold a silent auction with hundreds of lovely donated items from gold and sterling to diamonds and costume jewelry as well as art, antiques, furniture, post cards, and household items to include useful animal needs like crates and costumes.

We hope each of you will consider donating a little something for our auction and if you are not certain you want to come to the fundraiser, at least send a small check or money order for the cause of animal hospice care of ESH PO Box 22213 Sacramento Ca 95822. The checks can be made payable to either Mitch Prefach (head of “Precious Dens Hospice”) or to Estate Sales Help and we will forward the donation to the folks who will benefit from our fundraiser.

Please feel free to send a note as well. At the bottom of this page is a ‘wish list’ of all items she is in great need of to further her love, protection, and care of these older animals in such need of constant supervision and care…both financially, physically and emotionally. You may drop any of these off at the fundraiser next Sunday the 16th or we can have someone pick them up from your house if you email Jennie at this same website.

Not many of us can boast the history of detail or attention that Mitch can for spending the majority of her life making every second better for each animal she comes into contact with. She cares for not only feral cats and kittens, dumped dogs and puppies, elderly mutts, goats and roosters, she is one of the most compassionate women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Our own Dr. John Menke and crew from Franklin Animal Hospital (who was to benefit from this fundraiser initially) got us into contact with Mitch who is simply adorable and fearless all at once. He felt that the monies made from this charity event would be much better suited going towards her hospice program than to anyone else. The others need help, but not the magnitude that hers does. Mitch’s goals to keep every animal from suffering that crosses her path and to make each life a bit more palatable shows in waves of generosity and effort once you spend even a minute of your time with this lovely ex-police woman and ex-actress. She is truly a treat to behold.

Luckily for many of you who will be coming to our fundraiser, Mitch will be there with a couple of rescued animals in tow on Sunday night the 16th to meet with you guys and explain her cause further and answer any of your questions you may have. We are excited to introduce you all to her via our slideshow taken at her house just this morning.

Keep coming by the site to view new photos of the event and our silent auction offerings to be updated daily.

Below is the current wish list of this hospice foundation….bring them by the fundraiser if you like or simply call and we will arrange a pick up!

1.  canned doggie food
2.  canned kitty food
3.  dry doggie food
4.  dry kitty food
5.  kitty liter
6.  cleaning supplies
7.  blankets * this is critical for winter
8.  straw hay
9.  pine shavings
10.  Fitted queen/sheets
11.  Fitted full sheets
12.  Pooper scooper (spare)
13.  thick rubber doggie toys  (no smaller than a tennis ball)
14.  raw hid bones
15.  doggie beds
16.  pillows
17.  storage containers
18.  brooms
19.  and misc.  tools
20.  shop vac
21.  paper towels
22.  Sturdy thick plastic bag (33 gallon and larger)

Extra BIG hopes and prayers…
23.  Trees
24.  Misc.  lumber for barn repairs.
25.  lawn tools
26.  fencing
27.  irrigation piping
28.  mops
29.  refrigerator
30.  cargo van  (to bring more doggies on doggie rides).

Many thanks for being there to assist us in our efforts to protect the critters.
Thanks for your help
Jen and crew

“A Man Only Has The Right To Look Down On Another Man, While He Is Helping Him To Get Up”

Gabriel Garcia Marques 2011

Our company and business model strives to help the less fortunate by way of assisting them in any way possible week after week and year after year. We opt to host an annual estate sale where all proceeds are donated directly to the needy and or a local charity.

In the past few years, we have succeeded with helping Loaves And Fishes with thousands of dollars going to help their mustard seed program and to feed and clothe the homeless. Our company has hosted a charity with all hours and items donated by our crew and clients that has assisted local feral kitten rescue programs to the tune of $6,000. We have raised money for schools, building parks, feeding, housing and clothing local homeless and also those simply less fortunate than you and I.

Just like you and I, these people want a good life. Not unlike you or myself, they want a decent life for their children, their loved ones and themselves. What is the main difference then, between these people who sleep on the street and ask for free food? Choices, luck, circumstance and heritage. If not for your choices, luck, upbringing and how it affected you or I, we too might fall short on our luck and be in their situation.

Once you find the realization that bad luck and circumstance could come upon any one of us, you may find it in your heart to be a bit more compassionate for these men, women and children who live amongst us, walk between us, beg before us. After you have come to accept and understand their plight, maybe see what you have in your life that you could give up to these people to make their lives a bit better place to be.

Whether it be food, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries or any useful small household item (most live entirely out of a shopping or mobile book cart and their whole lives must fit inside it) you may feel free to drop it by the storefront any time we are open and we shall pass it on, free of charge to our neighbors. We also give free toys, baby clothes, formula, lotions, hotel soaps and bath items, and whatever they ask for, to the homeless and helpless people who come ask us for assistance. They are very grateful and gracious and we find it a privilege to have been of help to them.

When you do come to visit our sales, we ask that you bring along any extra hotel soaps or shampoos you may have sitting around, any paper products you do not need including plastic forks and utensils. The soup kitchen is always in constant need of these supplies. Also due to the fact that Loaves And Fishes reuses china coffee cups, any you can spare to be given to them will be greatly appreciated. Our goal then is to better the lives of the people we embrace daily and brighten the smile of even one of their small children.

If you should feel so inclined to share your abundance with any of our neighbors but don’t have the ability to drop your items for charity at our sales, please feel free to e-mail or call us for a pickup whenever it is most convenient for you. Remember, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

Jennie, and Crew