Wednesday Thursday and Saturday Events

Starting Wednesday April 11th from 9am-12noon we will begin our second half of the estate for Susan Garcia Swain. Truth be told, this will be about 3/4 of the content as we simply didn’t have the room or time for the entire first half last week. Maybe weather will be more on our side this week and we can add some items out in the yard at Kobasics.

The address is 5324 Riverside Blvd Sacramento 95822
Wednesday fair pricing 9am-12noon
Half price Wednesday 12noon-6pm
Dollar prices will start (non smalls tables or furniture) 
Thursday at 9am until 4pm. Boxlot will run 4pm-6pm Thursday with free items going 6pm-7pm Thursday. No Friday event for this week as we will need one day to re-coop for our Saturday sale. Thanks for understanding.

It should be noted that EVERY item is fresh to this sale. As these items have just been brought out of storage and her house, they are all newly available merchandise. We are emptying two pods today and will try to get new photos on the website, two pods in the next two days and an additional 100 boxes we could not empty last week. There are plenty of XXX and more ladies clothing, some even size 2 from 60s and 70s vintage and a few size 7-8 in the 80s vintage. Books, cds, movies, crafts, yarn, art supplies, art, and plenty of kitchenware.

The biggest addition of this second part is the furniture. There is literally gads of as is furniture that will be selling for great prices including even more folding bookshelves. We sold all the ones from last week but will add another half dozen this week.

This will be an exciting sale with lots of treasures and great deals. Now that you know what type of person Susan was (seeing our selection last week) it should make you double excited to come back and see us again this week.

Our final sale this week is a clean and beautiful collection in Elk Grove.

Saturday from 9am-12noon we will have a fair priced sale at
2929 Granite Park Lane Elk Grove 95758.
The family has nearly perfect condition items, great deals from start to finish and an easy to get to and navigate sale with plenty of street parking. See the photos on the bottom of our page and we will update them with prepped photos Monday evening.

Check out website daily for changes please.
Thanks for your patronage and also the read. 

Jen and crew

First shots are for Wednesday Thursday at Kobasics

Next shots are for Saturday 9am-12noon in Elk Grove

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