Saturday Only East Sacramento Estate Sale

Saturday May 5th Cinco De Mayo Sale
9am-12 fair prices
12-2 1/2 price boxlot last half hour
Free and donation going at 2pm Saturday
One 1/2 Day Blowout Estate In The East Sacramento area.
3552 Folsom Blvd Sacramento 95818

Be mindful of your parking and instead park on a side street as no parking is EVER allowed on Folsom Blvd Thanks! We will have loading of furniture in the alleyway next to the home!
The sale will consist of a lovely old home garage and yard full of plenty of collectibles and useful items…if not needing a bit of a bath. The savings in labor to not fully prep this sale will be passed on to you all. Stop by and see if there isn’t something you might need. That content is posted at the bottom of the page and is the last photos you see.

I also want to tell you about a family we met that desperately needs to empty their family home tomorrow and there is NO way we can help them as we are booked out for a couple of months. They need the place empty this weekend.

If any of you has a chance to go by and see them and dig (and I do mean dig…the house is a huge mess with waaaay too much stuff to get out of it without your help) I’m sure they will be very generous in their pricing and will allow you to name what you can offer on nearly anything they have. You are looking at 1000s if not tens of thousands of items to go! The sale will be tomorrow Saturday May 5th from 9am-3pm and you will need to bring your own boxes and change. They will not have the ability to accept credit cards as the family is giving this sale themselves. Thanks in advance for stopping by and helping them out!
Address is
7333 Bayoak Way Citrus Heights 95621
Good luck with your searches!

Bottom photos are a sneak peak for Tuesday in Davis. Shhhhh!

Davis Modern Sale For Tuesday Below

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