Magic Of May Estate Sales

This week we have not one, but rather TWO rare and wonderful estates for you to shop from.

Starting Tuesday May 8th from 9am-6pm we invite you over to
540 Rutgers Drive in Davis California 95616
We will have fair pricing from 9am-12noon, half price 12noon-4pm, $1 on most items from 4pm-5pm and boxlot prices from 5pm-6pm when donation and free will be given from the garage and driveway.

Bring help loading heavy or awkward items and be sure to ‘tip the boys’ if you use their help to load up. This is the polite thing to do and many times we forget our manners when it comes to asking them to give you a hand above and beyond their duty.

This sale is magnificent in it’s variety, rare and unusual in its offerings and the fact that UCD imported this family from the mid-west to help with their faculty and make use of the father’s knowledge of school administration for 10 years here, while the mother made use of her time raising a fantastic family of kids and obviously creating her ‘pants’ off in pottery and art, is just that much more interesting to bring you in to share the wealth of this home’s content.

They collected prints, lithos, paintings, photos, enamelware and tile work for many years. Even after the husband passed, the mother continued to fill the home with her love of art and design. We can all see by the framed museum prints and posters, the unusual pottery books and display shelves and the general decor of every room, how much love this lady held for the arts. I believe you will all be better for the visit, even if you don’t need to buy a single thing!

Consider this to be your ‘free museum day’ of the week! We’ll see you there with fresh water, fruit and hot coffee for your pleasure.

Next we invite you back down to Kobasics rental hall to buy the second half of our last year’s
Mintie Lee Collection. This will be a collector’s dream if not half the size of last year but no less the quality of her artistic eye in amassing a colorful and high end valued collection.

It should be noted that not ‘all’ of the items in these photos may make their way over to the sale as the family may opt to keep some of them so if you need to know exactly, best to write us on Wednesday evening and I will let you know if the item/s will be for sale at the hall. Thanks for understanding that this is never an exact science when you are dealing with human emotions and family dynamics and real feelings.

Join us starting Thursday May 10th from 9am-6pm at 5324 Riverside Blvd Sacramento 95822.
We’ll have fair pricing 9am-12noon on Thursday. 20% off will run from 12noon-6pm on Thursday. Half price will be Friday 9am-6pm. Saturday many items will be only $1 and we will be taking best offers on any furniture, lighting or artwork still present on Saturday from 9am-2pm. At 2pm on Saturday we will have donation and free.

We will have updated photos for you to view on our website Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for our later sale on Thursday at Kobasics so please check back daily.

Thanks as always for your patronage and also the read. I also want to thank everyone who helped Lori Casey and her family on Bayoak to empty their home. They called this morning to say it is nearly done and they are so very grateful they can now sell the home and move on with their lives! You guys are the best!

Jen and crew
Tuesday in Davis

Thursday Friday Saturday at Kobasics

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