Helping One Of Our Hoarder Buyers

Giant Estate Sale Liquidation Friday through Sunday
Corner of Folsom Blvd and Julliard Drive

This is NOT our sale. Make no mistake about it. This sale is being done by the owner, his friends, his neighbors, his landlord, his family. It is NOT being handled by estate sales help. Personally I could not just stand by and not help this old guy. He is kind, friendly, loving and harmless. Unfortunately, he is also a giant pushover. This being the case, his partner and friend who is a ‘compulsive collector and hoarder’ talked him into being an endless financial backer for buying tens of thousands of dollars of items at our sales and then piling them up into a giant two room warehouse. I am not even sure if you can walk into it but I am just passing on the information as a favor and the right thing to do. 

Here is the contact information for the liquidation and they will be open daily from now through Sunday May 27th. Please stop by and see them if you have the time. They could sure use the company!

Ed Roncho
Storage Locker Treasures
3319B Julliard Drive Sacramento 95826
The warehouses are located behind a whole bunch of parking lots and businesses. It is pretty difficult to get to but if you need something cheap and at a bargain price, it may be worth your time. Please be kind to Ed. He is a nice man with big heart~
On the corner of the flea market and behind the La Cabana
Storage Locker Treasures 3319B Julliard Dr. Sac. Ca. Corner of Folsom Blvd. @ Julliard Dr. Behind La Cabana in the back corner of parking lot next to Folsom Flea Market.
(916) 760-7767

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