Helping A Very Dear Friend Tuesday, Military Family Thurs-Sat

First on Tuesday May 29th from 9am-4pm
we will be emptying my dear old friend Retta Lee’s home. 
She and Neal have been there for a long while and many of the items are family heirlooms. Other items are just useful things. 
We will sell whatever they don’t need at their assisted living apt and empty the home for the realtor to sell it. 
The sale will be at
and we will only have the sale from 9am-4pm. Fair pricing 9-12 noon, half price 12noon-2pm, 1.00 items 2pm-3pm, boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm when we will have free and donation going from the garage. Also this is a huge fire-sale so there will be
great prices from the start. We will prep Monday and update our photos Monday evening so check back then if you think about it please.
This friendship has spanned over 2 decades. 
I first met Retta in Walnut Grove in the summer of 1996 while I was ripe with Sophie waiting to be born. It was hot and the job was up and down a narrow staircase to empty her dear Mother’s estate liquidation. We got to be good friends over the period of time it took to go through thousands of family heirlooms. She was quite a gal, that Retta senior who first introduced us to one another via her passing. 
Not to much time passed and I got to be dear friends with Brad her nephew from Walnut Grove. He ran an antique store named Sophie Ellen’s for me before she was born. He was one of the funniest friends I have ever known. In time Brad passed as well and we did his estate sale on a farm out in Walnut Grove on the river. You may have remembered it.
This past year Retta’s only sister and Brad’s mom Theresa passed and we did her estate in a gated community out near Madison and San Juan. All of you LOVED the antiques and collectibles she and Bo had amassed. They had a very full household and everyone who came was so smitten with her beautiful good taste and joyful choices of antiques and collectibles.
This brings us to today. Retta has fallen and broken her hip, had surgery and has been moved to Atria. Her husband Neal, a college professor in years gone by, as UCD is living with her side by side in the the assisted living. They need to move on. 
We are giving them a day of our time to manage this sale. 
Thursday we will be moving a very large full house/garage and yard from 
If you don’t know about this place, you can only live there if you are a military family with higher up ranking who qualify to live there. This is a million dollar place with very high end everything. Including two cars. 
We will sell everything Thursday-Saturday at Kobasics Candy Hall located at 
It will be worth the trip down. Trust me.
We hope you will stop by and see us and say hello. 
Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew

Tuesday at Davis are the first shots

Thursday-Saturday at Kobasics are the next before shots

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