Save Money On Brand New Items!

This sale has gads of new merchandise. Shoes, books, designer bags and clothing as well as jewelry, never used art, furniture, kitchenware, gadgets and gizmos. This lady and her late husband bought everything they wanted and found they did not have a use for it so much of it was never opened, let alone used or worn out. This is your ace in the hole!
Thursday June 28th from 9am-4pm
One day only to empty the entire house for her to sell it off. We are excited to have you over to dig through the full garage, full yard and very full house as well.
Fair pricing 9am-12noon, half price 12noon-2pm, 1.00 items 2pm-3pm, box-lot pricing, 3pm-4pm and free and donation going from 4pm-6pm Thursday only.
We will update our website on Tuesday and Wednesday with new photos.
Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew


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