Helping Gay Get The Word Out!

Time For More Shopping In Sacramento!!!

Gay and the girls are planning another crazy sale located at
328 Lagomarsino Way Sacramento 95819.
The sale will be for this Thursday March 7th from 9am-4pm. Great deals all day with fair pricing 9am-12noon, half price 12noon-3pm, boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm on most items and free and donation going from the place at 4pm Thursday. This house is LOADED with bargains from beading and cheap jewelry to antiques and collectibles. Not a whole lot of furniture.

Sounds like I have company in moving up here to Oregon as this family also hit the road and took what they wanted and moved while leaving the rest for the crew to sell. Good for them and also for you!!! Wish I could give you some photos but Gay is having trouble with her computer so you will have to log onto Estate Sales Net or Craigslist to find the photos of what is for sale.

I felt it was my duty to let you know that they have a great sale and you might want to stop by and say hello to all your old friends. Many warm wishes from the beaches of Yachats and Waldport Oregon.

ps please remember to email gay to get on her email list and also you can call her to ask her any questions as well. I cannot help you with the sale as I am 10 hours away and don’t plan on coming back down anytime soon. Sorry about that. Gay’s phone number is 916-803-8970 or you can contact her at

Jen and pooches

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