All Hands On Board

The entire crew and I are busy getting my own home ready to go on the market so I can get situated up in Oregon.
As you know, we are inviting you all over here
Saturday September 1st from 12noon-6pm
to our open house/cooling party with
food, refreshments and beautiful company.
We hope you will all be able to make it and if you are going to be out of town, you will be sorely missed, but please have a great vacation.
Our address is 
It is a circle so we have plenty of parking all along the street plus more out on the ends of Farmdale Way. We look so forward to sharing our home with you.
Thanks again to all of you who stopped by Kobasics to share in my magical closet collection of jewelry and Indian treasures.
We know many of you went home happy and joyful with little goodies
to add to your own collections.
That was my hope and prayer~
Thanks for the read.
Jen and crew


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