Only One Little Puppy Left For Adoption

Update, Shiny found a fantastic home with the owners of a AZ Nail Salon who adore her. Helen and the ladies who work there dote on her day and night and she is loved and cared for beyond compare! We are so happy that ALL of the pups have now settled and we can relax and enjoy our old pack at home!

Today we had great luck with folks coming to meet the pups. Both Hugo and Chunky found seemingly perfect homes…Hugo with another pooch and Chunky with a nice sweet family. How wonderful for both of them.

As for Shiny…she is going to be more of a challenge to re-home. First she is a trouble maker and starts fights with her litter-mates. She has even attacked the other pups although she is barely a couple of pounds, that ads up with super sharp teeth!

She will not be placed with another dog, young children, a cat or even a weaker adult. Instead, we are searching for the perfect home for Shiny with someone who is home all day and does not work. Someone who has time to pet and love her. Someone who does not have children in the house. Someone with a yard (although an apt would work if you have permission to have an animal) and mostly someone with patience to teach her to be a good girl. 

Shiny is a good girl. She has a sweet disposition…until she doesn’t. She has not attacked a person but did bite me when I broke the pups up during their fight. She needs lots and lots of attention and love.

If you are interested in this fierce warrior, you are fine with me spaying her, and have a nice loving home for her to grow old in…contact Jennie to meet her in person. 

Thanks for the read.
Jen and crew