Tuesday Fancy Gold River, Thursday Little Pocket

Gate Code For Entrance Is #1234
Rain or shine this week we invite you to two very interesting and different estate sales. 

Tuesday, January16th from 9am-4pm we invite you to shop from an elegant surroundings at 12100 Gold Point Ln Gold River Ca 95670. We’ll have someone to let you into the gate from 7am-4pm that day all day long.

This content is beautiful, elegant, quality and good condition. Items will be priced affordably, they’ll be ready for you to take them away and all will be in great usable shape. Expect wonderful and some very large artwork, antique to vintage and some contemporary furnishings, clothing, ladies bags, books, dishes, garage items, glassware, decor and more.

We’ll have fair pricing 9am-12noon, half price 12noon-3pm, boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm when free and donation will be given from the garage.

On Thursday January 18th from 9am-4pm we invite you to shop from one heckuva collector’s sale that will be relocated from their storage facilities to Kobasics rental hall at 5324 Riverside Blvd. This man collected himself into a corner to the point where the family was forced to move his entire collection out of the family home and put it into storage years ago.

We will be selling tons of toys, games, rugs, antiques and collectibles. We’ll have fair pricing 9am-12noon, 1/2 price 12noon-3pm, boxlot pricing 3pm-4pm and free and donation going at 4pm on Thursday from the front of the rental hall.

We hope you will all stop by rain or shine to see us at our sales this week and are delighted to offer two beautiful contents for you to shop from.

Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew

What a difference a day of prep makes!!! First shots are for Tuesday in Gold River.

Second shots are for Thursday at Kobasics Candy Hall Collectibles Relocated From Storage