Tuesday Invitation Only 9-6

Remember that this is an invitation only private sale, so the general public is NOT invited to attend through mass marketing only our private email list that reads our emails will be invited or allowed inside the private gated community to shop. Aren’t you lucky!?!

On Tuesday, March 14th, from 9am-6pm, we invite you to
[address removed for privacy]
to shop in a spacious, well-lit, and beautifully decorated Home and Garden type household. We’ll have fair pricing 9am-12noon, half price 12noon-4pm and box-lot pricing 4pm-6pm.There will be no free items or donation as the family has opted to deal with those items through their own chosen charities.

The lady of the house is 98 years old and has lived in Folsom since 2003. She is joyful, positive, funny and delightful to listen to. Angeline has spent the latter part of her life living alone. Her passion is gardening and with few demands on her time, she has been able to garden all day. As she put it, “I would go out in the morning to trim flowers and not come back in until the sun had set and it was time for dinner.” This explains why her yard is so beautiful, so well tended, and such a joy to walk out into. Even in the dormant time of the year, you can see all the work she did to make it so.

Angeline was born in Carthage, NY, the seventh of twelve children. Her father, an avid gardener and vintner, also worked on the railroad. She married Daniel Cartin of Watertown, NY in 1939. They had a son and daughter and they lived in Columbus, IN for over 20 years. She, her husband, and daughter then lived in Michigan for 16 years. Both children moved to the Denver area in the 70s and Angeline and her husband joined them in 1979. In 1994, she moved to Southern CA to be close to two of her brothers, but eventually found her way to Folsom to be near her daughter and spouse, and only grandson. Quite the traveling lady.

The house seems stopped in time, back in the 80s, and has much of the flair of fancy and ornate 80s design, as well as a smidgen of the 60s and 70s in its art and furniture. You’ll enjoy the cast aluminum dinette furniture of ornate design, fine wood decorator pieces, rich colored majolica pottery and dishes, hand painted china, cut crystal, silver, ornate brass, and beautiful sterling jewelry as well.

Although this would seem to be a “ladies’ sale” there is plenty for you men to dig through in the garage. There are multiple drawers of tools to browse, garden trimmers, blowers, fans, and more in the garage also. If you need some sturdy furniture for your own homes or rentals, we have some of that inside the house as well as some electronics throughout.

We hope to see you there. We also hope the great weather we have been afforded of late, will be with us next Tuesday. We will hold the sale regardless of the weather that day, as we have a spacious garage for checkout, so no one will be left out in the rain.

Although this is a gated community, the HOA has agreed to leave the gate open from start to finish. It is important for guests to park ONLY in designated parking spaces, not on the street. It is fine to come and go as we please for this estate event, so come on in and shop!

Thanks for the read.
Jen and crew

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