Thursday All Asian And More At Kobasics

Thursday May 17th from 9am-4pm
This will be our one day relocation sale at Kobasics Rental Hall located at
5324 Riverside Blvd Sacramento 95822!

This house has thousands of odds and ends mostly under 5.00 price to start and some even a dollar from the get go. The place is fairly packed with Asian everything and some really interesting decor pieces, mostly black and painted furniture all with some vintage, bits of jewelry, glassware, pottery, lots and lots of angels, plants and pots, fake flowers and stone fruit. The place will be easy to maneuver and easier to shop from. We will have plenty of checkout cashiers to help you and nearly everything has a price on it. 

Fair pricing 9am-12noon
Half price 12noon-3pm
Lots of items will fall to $1 around 2pm just as an FYI
Boxlot will run from 3pm-4pm
Free and donation will happen out-front at 4pm on Thursday

We look forward to seeing you all and sharing some fresh hot coffee,
sweet fruits and water on the house. Come early and stay late!

Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew
Updated photos of what to expect below!

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