Second Half Of Susan Garcia Sale Starts Wed April 11th 9-6

Please make note that this sale will be done in two segments with the first ending Saturday April 7th at 2pm
Our sale for Susan will be at Kobasics Rental Hall.
Starting Thursday April 5th 9am at 5324 Riverside Blvd Sacramento 95822.
Fair pricing Thursday April 5th from 9am-12noon
Half price 12noon-6pm Thursday
Friday we open at 1/2 price 9am-12noon
12noon-6pm will move to
$1 on most items (save smalls tables, furniture and art/electronics)
Saturday $1 each item continues until 12noon when we will go to box-lot from 12noon-2pm
Free items going from the front of the hall at 2pm on Saturday bring your own boxes please!
This is a HUGE sale and we look forward to helping these friends of Susan’s empty and sell off all of her collectibles and collections. Expect everything you could imagine and more!!!!

The home we are selling was owned by the delightful and generous doctor and lawyer/acupuncturist, animal rights advocate and general great neighbor and friend…
Susan Garcia Swain. It has not been sold so if you are interested in buying it in as is condition with a cash offer please contact the executor Linn at 916-284-7336.
She can show you the home just as soon as we get it emptied!
We are relieved to switch gears so we can concentrate on moving the entire content of this GIANT Victorian home from downtown to Kobasics on Riverside for you all to shop from next week. We will have updated photos sent to you before the sale and will update the website from Monday on through the sale date.

Susan ran a Java and Justice public help as well as a Complimentary Medicine office out of this home as well as lived there with her giant standard poodle Chaco.
She offered pro-bono, low-cost medical and therapeutic treatments there for the poor as well.
Susan (as you can see by what we will be selling) was a colorful and joyful human being.
She had good taste and an eclectic eye~
She believed that people mattered more than money.
What a concept!
Susan believed that knowledge was power, but was meant to be shared with all.
She learned, so that she could teach.
She lived, so that she could give.
She aspired to help others, so that she could be a happier individual.
Susan never left a challenge ignored and never disrespected anyone in need.
As her best friend, Linn is in charge of dispersing this estate and is doing her best to find a new home for ALL of the items that Susan managed to gather up in her 70 plus years.
Thanks for your patronage and also the read.
Jen and crew


First prep day…thousands of items still being unwrapped~

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